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Published: 06 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

DO NOT HIRE A-1 FENCE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Want to know why? Please read all about the issues I had with this contractor below and save yourself a LOT of time and hassle: A-1 Fence/Contractor John Dixon signed contract 6/15/13, stating his start date would be 6/19/13 or 6/20/13. After not showing up OR bothering to call and let me know he wasn’t going to show up on these dates, I called and left messages for him on 6/19, 6/20/ 6/24, 6/26/, and 6/28. Finally left a message on 6/28 saying since he hadn’t called or shown up, I wanted a refund and cancellation of contract. He didn’t return this call either, so in desperation I tried texting him. Because he is so unprofessional, he would only answer me by text and assured me he would start the project on 7/1/13. 7/1/13 came, another day taken off of work to wait for him, and AGAIN he didn’t show up OR call to let us know. Again I texted and that he responded to, promising to show up the next day at 8am 7/2/13. He didn’t show up until after 11am. Promising to return the next day to finish (7/3/13),AGAIN a no show and AGAIN no call or text, I sent a text asking where he was and AGAIN he promised (via text, of course) he’d be there the day after (7/4/13). That also didn’t happen, we waited SEVEN MORE DAYS until 7/9/13 before he returned again, and again not until about 1pm. When we informed him or our displeasure at how long the process was taking, when he had originally told us this would be a 2-3 day job, we were told we were “ASSHOLES” and he raised his voice to us and told us we were horrible people. It took us asking for a discount if he wasn’t going to complete the job by the next day and being firm with him to finally get the job completed on 7/11/13. This 2-3 day job turned into a month long job with 3 partial days of work (because he doesn’t show up until around noon)! This UNPROFESSIONAL, IRRESPONSIBLE, UNRELIABLE, INCONSIDERATE, RUDE, LYING individual should be avoided at all costs!

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