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Published: 14 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently applied with ABConcepts looking for a sales job. I was ok with working in a call center, or remedial work, as I just really wanted job experience. During my interview I asked if this job required walking door to door selling Verizion services. I was told that this was for a management position, so I went along with it. I was called in for a second interview quickly after. Well I shouldve followed my instincts because during my training I realized quickly I would be doing just that. I kindly asked if I could have all my paperwork containing my secure info returned to me. The manager Matt gave me a hard time stating ” legally I can hold this information for a year”, why? I said ok well I can call my parents attorney and the police if you believe that to be true. He then stated, ” well we’ll call ours as well” Really? You havent officially hired me, and I want all copies of my ss, identification returned to me. After a couple minutes he tossed the folder at me, and said good luck ever finding a job with that typical black woman attitude. Funnny thing is if you met me or heard me you’d laugh at this, as I have a valley girl accent from growing up in the Bay Area. If you are willing to go door to door selling services thats your choice, but lying and dodging when potential employeers ask for specific job details is a scam. I’m surprised I didnt have to pay anything. Job seekers beware!!!!! Craigslist isnt what it use to be in regards to finding a entry level job. .

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