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Published: 27 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Look under their other names for Ripoff Scamss.. they are long and have a former employee tell their story too! This is just part of my story. Steve actual name is CHRIS. these people have been in so much trouble with the law. they had to change their names and company names. We ordered several engines from them at one time because of the good pricing. here are the issues we have had (and im probably not even stating them all because there isnt enough room!) 3 engines sent out after confirming vins and such were completely wrong engines. so we asked everyday for weeks (when we could get ahold of “steve” or corina or bob which was almost never.) we never got paperwork to return the wrong engines and after being told that they would send replacement ones out (never happend) on one of the cases a detective got and is still involved in helping us fix the matter. We ended up taking care of the frieght to send one of the wrong engines back and now they refuse to give us a refund. they will only do store credit. the other ones we are figuring out what to do with it because of fact that they wont give us our $5750 back for the first one. one engine that was sent out had a bad turbo. 4 weeks ago they said they would take care of it and send out another one. after 2 weeks of calling everyday and talking with corina trying to get a tracking number they finally said “it got lost we will send out another turbo and have a tracking number for you tomorrow” well as you guessed another 2 weeks of calling and no tracking number so we faxed them many times saying if we dont get a tracking number we are going to go a head any buy one and send them the bill. which we ended up doing. THEN our customer installs the engine and theres a knock in the bottom end.. so back to trying to get a hold of “Steve” then yesterday “Steve” calls me saying they do not replace turbos.. i fought with him for 10 mins about them telling me they were sending one blah blah blah. then he asked to talk to my customers about their wrong engines because he said i was lying and that their engines have nothing wrong with them ever! AS WELL about 2 weeks ago we were going to buy another engine from them and we send out a check. with all these problems going on steve told my boss on a RECOREDED conversation with the detective that is working with us confrenced in on the call (because “Steve” was telling our customer, us and detective different storys) that he was ripping up the check and no longer wanted to do business with us. after that we were told to talk to Bob. who when you call is “at lunch” “on the phone” “in the yard” “gone home for the day” and so on. WELL a few days later the check was put into the bank and cashed… shocking. we had put a cancel on the check but they still tried to cash it after we were told that it was ripped up. Now Steve is acting like none of this happend. trying to sell us more motors. The problems we are having are still continuing after months of dealing with them. and im sure i will be adding to this as more BS arises. We are currently working “Elrod Law Firm” our lawyer is Sarah Krumholz. I encourage you to join in our fight agains A Best/A-1 or what ever they are calling themselves and feel free to comment to me with questions. When we investigated them further we found out that they have very long criminal records and have been in A LOT of trouble with the law many times.

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