A Better Way Wholesale Autos, Inc

A Better Way Wholesale Autos, Inc

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Published: 02 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

7/8/2011- I completed my down payment, fully insured, signed CT DMV transfer plate registration form, & took delivery of a 2003 Infiniti G357/9/2011- I called Amy Bradshaw & was given an appointment to bring the car back 7/11/2011- I arrived for my appointment of returning the car my cc: I had trouble controlling the car & to make it stop- It was very lound from within: while waiting for Amy to provide a resolution a sales tech flirted with me & I complained then was told to leave by Michael Bowe- I called the Naugatuck police b/c I wanted my money returned & was told “No”- While on the phone Michael came outside to inform me that I was being illegally video recorded (No warning signs in plain sight) & threatened to physically remove me from the property- When the police arrived Michael denied all my claims stating that I was an irate customer complaining of a leaking exhaust & he wanted me escorted off the premisses- Michael had a service tech named BJ give me back the keys & I left to avoid tresspassing laws 7/12/2011- I brought the car to be visually inspected by an Infiniti Dealer & learned the car was salvaged title- I filed a complaint with the CT DMV consuner complaint unit 7/23/2011- Bridgeport police dept was given false information that A Better Way Wholesale Autos, Inc was a bank that I defaulted on & they were repossessing the car – I filed a good faith stolen car report with both the Bridgeport Police dept & my insurance agency & learned that I had a car for 15 days that was legally connected to its previous owner by registration & lien holder- confirmed by both 7/25/2011- I went down to the Bridgeport police dept to find out how the law would intervene to protect me & was informed that my case was civil not criminal – civil cases are reviewed by the court system- during this conversation I received a call from a man identifying himself as Joseph Gorbecki who admitted to having the car – The Naugatuck police had to retrieve my plates & mail them to me b/c Michael Bowe lied initially about returning the plates the DMV to be cancelled after stating that the car was never registered. I’m currently awaiting the conclusion of the CT DMV investigation as well as form the BBB The BBB responses made by Michael Bowe admits to both fraudulently submitting my credit to lenders after I signed for a lender & violating my privacy of confidentiality when he slanderously attacked my character refrencing my credit- this information is made public knowledge when the file is closed I’ll persue every resource to make sure this dealership is punished within the full limits of the law & educate the community as their deceptive consumer trade practices so they cannot victimize anyone else

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