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Published: 13 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had a similar experience with Jeremy DeVinney and A+ Builders Solutions as another person (victim) on this site. Jeremy and this company is just a con and a scam. He is the most dishonest and unethical person I have ever dealt with, hands down. I paid him nearly 30 thousand dollars to rebuild my house; basically what I thought would be a major gut rehab. He took my money, but he has done almost nothing. In fact, he has cost me thousands of dollars beyond the deposit I gave him. Below are the details of my experience with Jeremy DeVinney and A+ Builders Solutions. I signed a contract with Jeremy and A+BS (with emphasis on the BS) at the end of April. Before signing the contract, I had emphasized with Jeremy and his partner Jon Floyd that I wanted the project to start immediately. They both assured me several times prior to signing the contract that they could start right away. On the Friday I signed the contract, I was told they could start early the next week possibly on Tuesday. I told Jeremy I would sign the contract and give them a cashieru2019s check for the deposit. Jeremy said he would be there that night to sign the contract and get the check. That was the last time, and probably the only time, he told me something truthful. After one week, there was no work done on the project. I emailed them explaining I understood there was probably planning that needed to be done the first week, but that Iu2019d expect work to begin the next week. Jeremy said that was indeed the case, and work would start the next week. Well, no one showed up the second week either. I contacted Jeremy and he told me they would start Monday. Again, no one showed up the third week either. I called Jeremy again, and he once again said there would be someone there Monday. They did work on Thursday and Friday. So, after a month, I had a total of 3 days of work. That Monday was a holiday, and workers did work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but not Friday. Workers showed again on Monday and Tuesday the next week, but that was it. No one showed up again until the next Thursday when a new crew started. They worked a u00bd day that Thursday, Then on Friday, and a u00bd day on Saturday. Again, no workers on Monday, and they worked a u00bd on Tuesday. That was when the bottom fell out of the project. On that Wednesday, the owner of the first crew (subcontractor) came by and told me Jeremy had failed to pay both invoices they gave him totaling just over $5000.00. She said they were considering putting a lien on me. I then sent the second crew, who had showed up that day home, since I wanted to talk to Jeremy as to why he hadnu2019t paid his first subcontractor. Jeremy gave me two excuses as to why he didnu2019t pay them. First, he said he didnu2019t pay them because they screwed up another job for which he hired them. I told him that wasnu2019t my problem, and he should pay them for the work they did on my project. He then tried to claim he didnu2019t pay them because they didnu2019t do the job properly. Well, the subcontractor had given me the invoices, and I told them by what I observed and what was in the invoices, they did the work they were hired for, and he should pay them. I have now paid them $1500 of what is owed them and have assured them I will pay them if he doesnu2019t. I donu2019t know if he paid the other crew or not, as they work for a different subcontractor who hasnu2019t contacted me. The first subcontractor has since told me he gave them a check for $1500, but after trying to cash it 4 times, it bounced each time. I then told Jeremy I was calling a work stoppage until I could consult with a lawyer on the situation. The lawyer drafted a letter to Jeremy indicating I expected A+ Builders Solutions to honor the contract they drafted, and that they provide me with financial documentation proving he was capable of doing the job. Jeremy told my lawyer he agreed to abide by the requests in the letter. So, after 3 days work stoppage, I authorized Jeremy to start work again. However, has provided no documentation and has done absolutely no work since then. The second crew had knocked down my house from the inside and left all the lumber and debris in my yard. Grass and weeds have grown up between the lumber. After more than 4 weeks of this situation, and broken promises by Jeremy to send a crew to clean the site up, I went back to the lawyer to draft a release from contract document. But, as of this posing, it is only two weeks from the end of the contract. Iu2019m giving ABS one chance to pay my money back, or I will be going to the Attorneyu2019s General Office. Do not hire this man or his company! He is a thief.

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