A c collins ford

A c collins ford

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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Tried purchasing a used truck frm a.c.collins ford. After spending wasted hours in the showroom on two different days, Ray Hayden(my salesmen)calls me to pick up the truck and sign the financing forms. He introduces to a finance guy named Carlos who proceeds to tell me the finance company would like me to pick ouy something with less miles and of course more money. When I said no, He reluctantley agreed to sell me the truck I came in for. But to my surprise now the truck is $2000.00 more than what the price I was quoted by Ray who at the time looked at the inventory sheet to get the price. So I get up to find Ray who scurried off when I started seeing numbers,bring him back to Carlos to prove the price and he goes quiet on me. He just stood there with a blank look on his face, while the finance guy tries to literally rob me right there in his office!! The best part of the story is of course, I left but when I got back home I went to there website and there the truck was for the original price I was quoted! So I call the dealership back and speak to the used car manager (as spineless as he can be)and tell him the whole story and allow him time to figure out what happen. He calls me back and tells me the finance guy didnt know that I knew the internet price WHAT?? so I tell him that I got the price from Ray and knew nothing about the internet price until now. Of course his only comeback was we couldnt get you financed, again WHAT?? I told him his finance guy was trying to get me to buy somethig more expensive,so they will finance a $30.000 truck but not a $13.000 truck to which his reply was the finance companies don’t loan on higher mileage vehicles(also the finance guys words)So my question was you have vehicles on the lot that you advertised for sale with financing but these vehicles cant get financed? That’s very interesting! After that he just started rambling so I politely invited him to have sex with himself. The moral of the story is this: they wanted me to spend more money to raise their commissions and when I declined, they figured they would just raise the price so they would get their commissions even if it meant stealing it and when I called their bluff or should I say scam. The only way they could try to get away from it is say they could not get me financed even though we went over interest rates and monthly payments and even though they wanted me in a more expensive truck they all of a sudden cant finance the truck for whatever reason (pick one your guess is as good as mine) So what I’m saying is this STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!! They actually pulled the same thing on some one else the first night I was in there on another customer and in talking to her that night she was upset because she needed something that day and had no other choice but pay more money I guess they figured I was desperate too!Any time a dealer pulls this kind of crap they take advantage of alot of people and the only way they can be stopped is telling the world what these crooks are doing so people will stop going to them and maybe the dealership will take notice and send these snakes back to the grass from which they came! David Houston, TexasU.S.A.

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