A+ Engine Builder Specialist LLC

A+ Engine Builder Specialist LLC

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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a car engine for a 2002 Dodge Stratus from this business. I found them on the internet, seemed to knowlegeable, honest, and caring. I put $2,000.00 on my credit card for the engine. First off, the engine was at least 4 weeks late to arrive. No explainations when I would call to find out where it was, or lies that it had been sent. I had to have it shipped since I live in Ma. When it did finally arrive, my mechanic, whom has been working on and installing engines for 25 years, said he had never seen such a piece of junk. Parts that should have been attached were not, and the cam gears they sent, were completely pitted and useless. I tryed to send the engine back, and was told they would not accept it back. I have since had to put in approximately $1,200.00 extra for diagnostic testing, labor, etc.. to find out what was wrong with the engine. I called the business to try and get some of this money back, since it was all their fault for sending me a faulty engine, and was screamed at by a completely unprofessional nut of a woman named “Dina” whom claims to be the office manager. She told me I would not be getting back one penny, for all the expenses I have incurred and would hang up the phone repeatly. Finally 3 months later, I was sent only one cam gear, when I was promised 2 new cam gears. The cam gears they sent were just as bad as the first, pitted, and useless. My car has now been held up, 4 months over this!!! I just called the company on 11/13/09 to get reimburst a lousy $160.00 for labor for my mechanic, for working again on the cam gears. She again screamed and yelled, I would not be reimburst for these labor costs. Her excuse this time was that the car has been driven, so they will not pay the labor costs. The contract clearly states that they will pay a lousy $18.00 labor to my mechanic installing the engine, if due to faulty parts orginally sent. Their contract is a complete joke, as another customer stated in his complaint against this business. The contract I signed is useless, they uphold to nothing in it. It claims a 2 year, 100,000 mile warrenty, nothing has been upheld in this contract!! I called the Phoenix Better Business Bureau, and they let me know this business has had 40 complaints against it since, May 08′ and sugguest I call the Attorney Generals Office in AZ, which I have done, (I am not one who will be robbed like this). BBB has given this business an “F” rating, the worst a business can possibly get, and of course they are NOT a member of the BBB. This business cannot possibly be legitimate. An upstanding business would not take their good faith customers and rip them off for $1,200.00!!! What kind of business has a crazy, unprofessional, very uneducated woman treating customers in such a manner. When asked for the owner, she shouts, she will not give the name, and again hangs up. I have since gotten the name, she is not that clever!!!! Please consumers, whatever you do, do not buy so much as a screw from this business, it will come back and hit you in the you know what!!!! I blame myself for not listening to others, telling me to go with a Jasper Motors only, they are the best. That’s what you get, when you try to save a buck! Live and Learn. BUT… they have not heard the last of me yet!! AND if they respond to this complaint, whatever is said is a total lie, they have done NOTHING to correct this problem, and reimburst me the $1,200.00.

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