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Published: 12 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I was told by A-F WHOLESALE TRANSMISSION that they could fix my transmission for $800 to $950,so i said do it .When the car was ready he said that the price was $1750,i don’t have a choose but to pay because the car was ready.He told me if i hear any noise or see fluid being car back.The next day i toke car back because it was making noise form under the hood he said if was my muffer it was lose at the bottom.So i drive the car for 2 week and it would not move.So i call them and he said (ED) said he would sent a tow truck to get it and see what he can do.He got the car on 11/26/2010.I call him and he told me that it was my timing belt and that he could fix it for $500.I said do i need a new engine he said no it just the timing belt.So i said ok. I call many time to see if my car was ready he (ED) told me he was waiting on parts from FORD.So on 1/28/2018 i stop by the shop to see if the car was ready he told me he was waiting on more part and he needed $500 for a down payment and that the part run the price up to $800- $900 and that the car would be ready in 3 day. So i say ok i just need my car.So i call on the 3 day and ask if my car was ready he say he was still waiting on parts from FORD.So i waited so more.Every time i call he would tell me i waitng on parts.So on 2/15/2018 i call and ask what up with my truck he said i got it started put you are going to need a new engine.So i ask what about you telling me that it was not the engine and that it was the timing belt and you could fix it.He said i try so i could get u a new engine for $2000.Iask what about the money i already give u he said i did fix you car but it the engine .So i told i did have money like that and pay a car note .He said i still had to pay the different and pay to get the car tow to my house which was going to cost me $100.

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