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Horrible experience at A Forever Recovery

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Published: 18 April 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m Vivienne. I had been a social drinker and don’t know when it turned into addiction. After my kids went off to school I would have the occasional glass of wine, which turned out to two till the day I lost count. This started affecting my life and I was asleep most days not having any idea what was happening around the house. One day I got a call from my kid’s school telling me he has fallen from the stairs n injured himself and I was in no position to get up or even register the enormity of the situation. That’s when I decided I needed help.

My husband got the number of AFR from a reference agency and the very same day we got a call from A Forever Recovery. A guy from AFR called us and came the very same day to tell us about the facility in detail. The brochure was nice and glossy giving with beautiful pictures of the centre and the lake. The guy whose name was Mitch, I think, went on and on about how well I would be able to cope there with the several different approaches and how it would help me rebuild a life once I am back, how they would support me etc. The guy was a sweet talker and ensured us that my insurance would cover most of the treatment all I had to do was to pay for co-pay which was husband agreed to.

I was admitted to AFR by my husband the very next day. Though my husband did try to check with our insurance company he couldn’t that very day. We had very little time since we were from outside MI we left home early and by noon I was admitted to this beautiful facility. I didn’t get to even say a proper goodbye to my husband as the staff insisted that my recovery starts the minute he leaves and he was literally forced to leave.

I was still hungover from all the alcohol I had consumed and hardly noticed when they moved me to another facility. That’s when my misery began. The facility was a shanty. I was throwing up constantly from withdrawal and the I needed help. I pleaded for a doctor but there was no one in sight. Later that evening a guy came over and did drop in some medicine which I assume was over-the-counter because I had still not seen a doctor. The flush in the toilets were either broken or didn’t work when the washing machine was in use. I was miserable and worse I was sharing the room with 5 other women who didn’t seem any better than me. I tried to sleep but the bed was stinking.

The next day I did go for counselling, a session that was actually run by a previous inmate of this facility! I was still unwell but they didn’t care for my pleas. I tried to get in touch with the facilitator a Pamela something but she was unavailable. The water made things worse, the water stunk and at times it was brackish. There was no mention of all the stuff I could do like arts neither was there any focus on recovery path. I was in hell and couldn’t wait to get out. They took my mobile phone and money making matters worse.
Within 7 days my health deteriorated to such an extent that I just couldn’t get up. That’s when the staff made a call to my husband, not a doctor even then. My husband came rushing to see me unconscious, even at this point they wouldn’t release me telling that my husband had to pay $13,000 since I was dropping out of the treatment. This was the tipping point and my husband took me out anyway. I was hospitalized and let to go home after another 7 days.

Please avoid AFR at any cost. I paid a high price for my addiction and choosing this facility. I’m still in recovery but at home and going to AA. AFR is a fraud, a sham who r only interested in ripping ppl. I was there in February 2015.

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