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Published: 13 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

CONCERTS 1) What Charity did Kamran sell Concert Tickets for? 2) The Author writes, “But for the last two concerts he sold tickets to, he has refused to turn over the concert ticket money, not even responding to texts requesting that he do so.” Prove it. What 2 Concerts did Kamran not return money for? What date were these Concerts? Do you have any Evidence that you actually gave Kamran Concert Tickets to sell? EVENT FILMING 1) Kamran was never hired to film a Charity Event. Do you have any Proof of Payment for Kamran’s Video Production Services? 2) Do you have a copy of any Emails or Correspondence regarding this business transaction? 3) Can you please include a YouTube Link to the Edited Footage that Kamran allegedly shot and delivered? HEADSHOTS There are 5 reasons why this Review is Fake and this Customer is a Phantom: 1) Kamran does not accept Deposits for Headshots. All Customers pay for their Headshots AFTER they receive their Headshots. Therefore this entire long-winded deposit scenario is obviously fake. 2) The Author writes, “Despite numerous calls and emails.” Prove it. Please post an Email that you sent to Kamran. Please post your Phone Bill showing Kamran’s Phone Number on the Phone Bill, proving you in fact called him. 3) Do you have any Proof that you paid Kamran a Deposit for Headshots via PayPal? A PayPal Email Payment Confirmation perhaps? 4) What Date and Time did Kamran shoot your Headshots? 5) What location did Kamran shoot your Headshots?

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