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Published: 08 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I noticed that my car was not starting easily any more and decided to take it in for a check-up and repair. The A&J Automotive Service, Inc road sign is clearly visible from the 1960 FM East so I pulled in and asked for it to be checked. Whilst I was waiting, a previous client who had delivered her car for air-conditioning repairs a couple of weeks before me was complaining that it was still not repaired. I should have taken my car and walked away then but I thought that perhaps this was a difficult problem to solve. As it turns out, the front-desk clerks or owners (Rick and Carl) claimed that they could not find the problem however they were still charging for inspection. Well, back to my car: I waited in reception and was informed later: 1) My electrical system was checked and my battery was in good working order. 2) My starter had to be replaced as it was faulty. 3) My fan clutch belt should be replaced because it would cause my battery to go flat in the weeks ahead. I authorized the repairs and picked up my car the next day. Not even three weeks later I tried to start my car in my garage and there was not even a clicking sound when it failed to start. I thought it strange. After checking the headlights and consulting with a mechanic who lives across the road, I was informed that sometimes faulty starters (even new) are installed. So I called up A&J and asked them to tow my car. About 5 hours later, they claimed my battery was flat and this is the reason my car would not start. What utter lies! I knew this was untrue and explained to them why it could not be the battery. I called the police because they insisted I pay the tow-fee. With my luck, an officer who thought he was a mechanic as well as a judge tried to explain to me why my car would not start. Anyway, I did not argue but determined that the only legal recourse I had was to go to small claims court and that unless I paid the tow-fee, A&J would be able to retain the car. I was frustrated and angry so I paid the fee and took my car to another repair shop across the road. They checked my battery and informed me that the battery was in full-working order. They also stated that it could not have been flat since there was not enough time to recharge the battery in 3 hours. They also maintained that if my headlights were working (which they were) then there was nothing wrong with my battery. I was informed that the starter repairs may have been faulty. I paid $66 for the tow-fee. A mechanic from the repair shop told me that they probably adjusted or replaced the starter and lied to me about the battery since I was able to start it when the police officer arrived. I warn you about these scumbags and liars. Be on your guard. In fact your best bet is to go to a trustworthy repair shop or the actual auto-dealer repair where you are gauaranteed to obtain accurate and reliable information concerning your vehicle. John Huffman, TexasU.S.A.

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