A lot of Cars LLC.

A lot of Cars LLC.

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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

BEWARE!!! READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING AT A LOT OF CARS 5566 LAKE MICHIGAN DRIVE!! (I provided 1 star only because they are great talking crap but not backing it up!) They will be VERY nice and they will also glady help show how to rig your car everyday so that it will work! (What a slap in the Face I’ve recieved)I paid 5100 cash including taxes for a 2002 Chevy Impala which was falsely advertised. This car was so rigged . Within 48 hours the Ice Cold air and Smooth running engine great vehicle runs great BLAH BLAH BLAH had many many problems!!! Im here pregnant and riding in a car that is UN safe, the breaks were sold to us completley Gone including the rotars all breaks and rotars are grinded right to the Metal they placed oil on them so they didint sqeak during the test drive. Not one thing was wrong with the vehicle during test drive and testing it out. 48 hours later this is what I Got1.The Interior lighting totally quit working I couldnt even see how fast I was going at ngiht or see anything for that matter radio cluster unit controls nada not a thing!2. All four Brake Pads and Rotars and Skinned to the Metal metal on metal driving is a huge Risk and is UN Safe god forbid I have to slam my breaks on this car isnt going to stop in time. 3. The Air Conditioning Doesnt Work 4. Heat Doesnt Work5. Rear Defrost doesnt Work/ Its sparks and smokes and is melting the plastic on the window this is a Hazard could start my car on fire. 6. Turn Signals inside and outside of the car dont work I have to rig it daily for it to work7. Brake lights go out when Turn signals stop working ( Really safe driving around Pregnant)8. Low Tire Pressue light is Stuck on ( nothing major but just adds to all the bullcrap)9. Leather Heated seat doesnt work on Drivers Side. Please note I am Pregnant driving around completley UN safe however Thsi dealership could care less. What place knows your sitionation and still screws you over like this I have never felt so ripped off in my life . DO NOT EVER GO HERE. THEY HAD EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO FIX MY CAR AFTER I CALLED THEM AND THEY REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING BUT REPLACE A 15.00 KNOB FOR INTERIOR LIGHTING. I guess those bad breaks are not to important huh?

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