A. O. Smith Corporation

A. O. Smith Corporation

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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On the advise of a bad plumber Did not realize there are check valves in smaller propane tanks). .. I got rid of a good 15 year old water heater. Since plumber recommended ao smith, i spent $500 to buy one. Have noticed that the pilot goes out occasionally. I figured maybe it was an odd wind or something The heater is in a shower shed). But about a week ago, it refused to relight. I could hear the pilot light come on, but After holding the control knob down for a full minute) as soon as i released the knob. .. The pilot died. | Figured it was the thermocouple. Removed the old one. Lowes said they probably had a replacement since most water heater use one of two or three. Nope. None of the standard ones matched the a o smith thermocouple. Ordered one from a o smith. They said no. Can’t sell you just an $8 thermocouple. You must buy a $45 new “pilot assembly”. Ok, so i ordered that. | A week With no hot water) later it arrived. | This is my most severe gripe! the new pilot assembly hooks into the burner easily. The tube and wires go thru the opening in the burner mounting plate Which screws to the outside of the heater bottom) ok. But trying to get the two screws to mount the entire assembly Including burner) in to the holes is almost impossible for one person. I spent over an hour on my belly attempting to get those screws to start. Never could. Finally have called a professional plumber just to get those idiot screws to align. | The maker could very easily have put guides on the heater so that the plate would simply slide down snugly into place. Then only a single screw would have been required. And it would be already aligned with its hole. Any phone or other device uses a similar mechanism. After having read another Yscam about a o smith water heater’s pilot light going out several times a day. .. I wonder if my own pointless repair investment will have to be repeated several times a year. Stay away from a o smith water heaters.

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