A+ Painting Jonathan Zuniga & Jose Zuniga

A+ Painting Jonathan Zuniga & Jose Zuniga

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Published: 06 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Jonathan and his brother Josu00e9 destroyed my rental unit! They were hired to remove two walls, repair minor drywall, plaster, and paint. However, the damage they caused is not only negligent, but criminal. My communication began with Jonathan (The business owner) and he and his brother came over to quote the project. We agreed on a price and the work that was to be done, and ultimately they were supposed to begin once we had a contract in place. We agreed half upfront, and half when finished. Although, if they were late they were penalized per day. Ultimately it resulted in Jonathan being almost completely absent from the work and his brother Jose trying to pick up the pieces. As a result, they were completely behind schedule and did a terrible job on the paint…. but this was the least of my worries! I gave them an exact color and brand of paint I wanted and not only did not receive what I paid and asked for, but they watered down some off brand paint, there is debris in the paint, paint in every single electrical outlet, there is paint over all of the light switches, inside my fuse box, the lines do not meet the ceiling, and they pulled off paint when they removed their masking tape. …But like I said before, this was the least of my worries. When I noticed the back wall seemed to be bowing, I brought it to their attention and expressed concern since I knew the sewage line was behind that wall. It was agreed they would open up the wall and investigate… they never came back or returned any of my calls or messages. Fearful of further damage, I opened up the wall myself and found they had uncapped the sewage line in a three-story building (this unit being at the very bottom), they filled the hole with plaster, they cut and removed the drainage lines all the way down to the base, and they had cut a giant hole in the upper part of the sewage line…. oh, and then dry walled and painted right over it! It gets better… Then, I found they screwed holes in the waterlines, cut them, and turned off the main valve so I wouldn’t notice. There’s more… They cut the electrical and then buried exposed live electrical wires inside the wall. That’s not all…. Today I found they had cut the lines to my AC unit and disconnected the water drainage tubes, resulting in the unit on the house above to be field with gas from a refrigerant leak and possibly ruining the entire AC unit. This is what nightmares are made of, the cost incurred and the resulting damage is enough to make anyone cry. NEVER USE A+ Painting or Jonathan Zuniga!

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