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Published: 27 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We went to an A Path 4 Paws adoption event on 8/24/19 after seeing the dog Marky on their website. They said he was 2 years old and a stray. We had to bring our dog with us for meet and greet with Marky. We arrive about 9 am. It was chaotic in there with many people around, dogs in crates barking and since it is a store regular customers trying to shop. | When we finally saw the dog they had no private space set aside for the meet and greet. We did our best by trying to walk around the store with the two dogs. We decided to adopt Marky. We paid th $200 fee plus we had to buy the dog tag and a bag of dog food. A few days later we called up VCA animal hospital to check Marky and the vet said that he was not 2 years old but 4 years old or older. | We bought a crate and the following week we had to go to church. When we came back from church within 3 hours Marky had broken out of the crate, our garbage and food in cabinets was everywhere. He had urinated and defecated on the floor. Our resident dog was still in her crate. We realized that Marky had severe anxiety when left alone for any length of time. | We secured the crate with a lock and the following week left for a shopping trip. Since the crate was a few feet from our covered lounge chair, Marky had managed to move the crate close enough to pull the cover into his crate chew it up and the arm of my lounge chair. We are a couple of weeks in and our daughters love the dog our dog is getting along most of the time until a fight breaks out between the dog’s over a bone. | Our dog come out with scratches down her face Marky nothing. A few days later another fight breaks out between the dogs but more intense and Marky bites our resident dog severe enough to bring her to the ER. We decided with heavy hearts to return Marky to the rescue because of the situation. Marky also does not like cats and we have 3 so we had to keep them in a separate room. | When we talked to the owner Naomi Yaussy on the Monday 9/30/19 following our decision. She said she was not around and wanted us to keep Marky in a crate until Saturday. That definitely was not going to happen so we had to bring dogs out of separate rooms in intervals to go to bathroom and to eat. This was difficult and emotional for our daughters. | We called Naomi again and she told us to drop Marky off at the animal hospital on Wednesday. We did that and then asked about exchanging Marky for another dog in a couple of months as per contract. I was not saying anything about money because we knew the adoption fee was nonrefundable. She told us that since it was 10 days past the 30 days in contract of bringing back the dog that she would work with us. | We asked what that meant and she said since she had to pay out for Marky to be boarded and she complained about our phone calls/texts with no empathy for our family’s stress, disappointment and expense. She then told us we would have to pay towards another fee for another dog. I was very upset by this since not only were out the adoption fee of $200.00, the $250 at ER and the costs of our chewed up furniture. | Before dropping off Marky Naomi wanted us to take photos and write a description to rehome him. This is what I wrote and sent to her: | The Davis Family – Our experience with Marky | We brought Marky to the VCA vet. The vet looked at his teeth and fur and said that he is closer to 4 years old. | Marky is a loving dog. He likes to snuggle and follow his favorite person around the house. During his stay with us he was taught to give his paw and sit on command with treats. He is a good eater. We fed him twice a day, in the morning and in the evening including 1 or 2 treats during the day. | He does have separation anxiety and must be in a secure crate when left alone. We advise that he doesn’t get left alone for more than a few hours. He loves his bones and will hide them around the house. | He enjoys walks and needs a good long walk at least once a day. When he was put him in the crate before we went out, we gave him a good walk before and a walk after returning home. He is very interested in people and is good with older children. He is good with other dogs except for when the other dog is overly dominant. | Now when you go to the A Path 4 Paws website Marky is the featured pet and the description under our photo is: Marky is about 2 yrs old, weighing about 60 lbs. He is mostly EARS! He came in as a stray, more will be known about me soon. | So they are deliberately leaving out information and lying about his age. | I also did some some research and Naomi Yaussy is affiliated with Adopt a Rescue Pet which was investigated in 2016 for abuse to animals in their care. | www.facebook.com/ARPLasVegas/videos/10150561388885565/ | www.ktnv.com/news/contact-13/insider-exposes-poor-conditions-at-dog-rescue-group

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