A Plus Automotive Repair

A Plus Automotive Repair

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Published: 26 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This company scammed my entire family! They are so unprofessional! My parents and I took our cars there a few months apart, we all asked for a quote first before they fixed the cars, a few days later they told us everything was done and then gave us the quote! We were stuck paying for work that only was supposed to cost maybe $500, my parents ended paying $900 and he charged me $730 for a crack in the water hose, he said he couldnt put the old parts back on because he already threw them away, (we later found out they dont give anyone quotes first because they are always too high and no one would ever pay them so they just fix the cars without asking- thats why whenever you drive by the entire lot is full because there cars that all have been fixed and no one can afford to pick them up, they also will charge you $25 a day to keep your car there) The owner, John, is a complete liar about everything he says, he tried to turn my family against eachother saying that the reason he couldnt mark down the price was because my boyfriend called up and cursed out his wife over the phone, which never happened, then when he realized he was caught he tried saying that my dad called him behind my back and said to do the work without getting a quote, another lie. So then I called him and asked him to mark it down because I dont have a job and if I would have known it was going to be that much I would have just sold my car which is only worth $1500. He said there was no way he could help me out, he then for some unknown reason called my dad up and told him I was complaining about the car (duno what my dad has to do with anything, the car is in my name so he should be dealing with just me) so my dad told him the same thing I said then he just hung up on him= UNPROFESSIONAL! When we went in to pick up the car and pay him, he wouldnt even look at me, just said my dad was supposed to be paying him and that I had no reason to be there…again, its my car what does my dad have to do with it?? I told him I had the money (after borrowing it from a friend) it took him 10 mins to find the keys because they dont label them. To make up for that, he says his buddy had to move my car earlier that day so he must have moved the keys (another lie!! we drove by there 5 times in the past 2 days and the car was never moved) After getting the keys, I go to drive away and notice my license plate was torn in half and the pieces were left on my passenger seat, I went back in and the manager John said “oh you must of hit something because that was laying on the ground” I think after having that for 3 yrs I would feel my car smash into something hard enough to rip my license plate in half! They dont have cameras anywhere so you cant prove they did anything. A day after getting my car back, its driving slow and the check engine light keeps coming on (which never did before) he told me they guarentee all the work they do, but I know if I take the car back he will charge me because he’s going to say that has nothing to do with what he fixed. I can’t prove what he fixed because he never gave me a print out of the summary of work performed, all I recieved was a typed out receipe saying they charge $70/hr for labor and it says they worked 9 hrs on it (which I have no proof of) and all total parts cost was ONLY $83…TELL ME WHY I HAD TO PAY $730 AND ITS STILL NOT FIXED AND I HAVE DAMAGED PROPERTY!! I will never deal with this company again!!! All I wanted was a quote and I ended up with many more problems!

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