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Published: 17 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On Saturday August 13th 2005 after searching for 2 months in an attempt to find a fair priced set of angel eye headlights for my BMW I come across this website aplusperformance.com. The website offers the headlights(BM3984) I am looking for well under competitors pricing at $189.99 plus $21.99 for shipping. Immediately I find the contact information for the store and contact Jason Stensland who is away from the office at the time on his mobile line. I tell him that I would like to purchase the headlights(BM3984) as soon as possible as my car is in the body shop being customized and it will be done very soon. He explains to me that he would not be able to help me out on Saturday but if I call early Monday we could complete the sale and he would give me a discount for shipping. Monday August 15th rolls around and I place the call to Jason Stensland at approximately 10am when they open. I tell him I am ready to make my purchase now and he responds by telling me that there was a mistake made and the price of the headlights has gone up $100.(Ironic if you ask me) I proceed to ask him just for the fun of it what my grand total would be should I chose to buy them(which I would never do at this point knowing I am dealing with a rookie businessman)He replies $319 and I laugh. I noticed also that there was another set of lights, for a different year BMW, but just the same would fit as parts for the e32 and e34 BMW are interchangeable. The lights are marked at $219 so I inquire about those. He replies by telling me that they have a part number that is only one number different than the other headlights. Then he decides that these headlights would also be the same price as the other ones, $319 with shipping. So I express my feelings to him in a grown up manner and inform him that I can pick the very same headlights up, shipped to my door,for $260. I think its sad that companies have to make an attempt to gain business through deceptive avenues. Anyway I know who I will be making my purchase through now and no more delays on getting it done. My advice, dont buy from this clown. Thanks and have a great day! Ben Scrood Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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