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Published: 08 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Mr. Lukman Adebayo was portraying to be a single man, who claims to own an International Polo Team, claims to own a commercial construction company named APlus. He claims to be a Muslim that prays everyday but that’s not the truth no Muslim would be so fraudulent, lying and cheating. He also claims his family is very wealthy & owns private jets and many estates. All of these are lies. He he is a fraud. He is married and has had a steady girlfriend for 6 years neither of these women knew about each other until recently. Both women live in Lagos along with his 6 year old daughter from another woman. He uses women to make his travel arrangements and accommodations in hotels or stays in their home promising many things but its all lies. He runs fraudulent bank transfers and is on red alert list with Check Systems. He is not allowed to open a bank account in the USA. He creates many stories about his “”business”” but it’s not his money. He uses his girlfriend’s business and her money to flash around LA. He is a criminal and has spent time in Los Angeles jail, where he met his partner in crime Lou Edouardzin, he calls him Baba. They were both in jail for fraud. Lou is his personal assistant, errand boy who scams with him. They buy new and used cars in LA to ship to Nigeria, which is illegal. They talk about oil deals with a lot of people to scam more money, but in their 5 year friendship, no oil deals have happened. Luqman is always looking for friends to roll with and people to “”work”” with. Promising them big oil money, using his connections. In Nigeria he is known as a used car salesman. In LA Luk works with his other friend Jordan but they’re a rat pack of rat liars. Jordan is married too but cheats on his wife all the time. They’re all liars and cover up for each other. Lukman talks about building a $4 million estate on the beach in Lagos but it’s all a lie. All the supplies he buys is paid for by his girlfriend for her business. He had a kidney transplant in India 1 year ago and plays the sympathy card with everyone he meets. He has a horrible temper and a has a hard time keeping up with his lies. He gets very angry when he messes up his lies. He has to take anti-rejection drugs daily so it causes a gross skin condition on his body. He has no conscience and doesn’t care who he steals from, or who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants. He’s currently looking for guns to smuggle back to Lagos in the cars he transports to Nigeria. Pls don’t do business with him. Save yourself the money and the drama I went through!

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