A+ Transmission Specialists

A+ Transmission Specialists

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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In some instances repair shops accidentally or unknowingly fail to perform a repair. In this case, A+ Transmission Specialists knew that they were misleading, misrepresenting parts and services required, installing parts that were not necessary, and when I refused to get a complete transmission overhaul – left my transmission fluid pan unsealed. 1) FACT: They lied to me about parts installed and work done. 2) FACT: They have installed (or claim to have installed) parts that were not needed or authorized. 3) FACT: Refused to provide detailed receipts for the parts installed or work done. The service manager said it was an infringement to show me the records or details. So the only proof or evidence I have of what was done is the word-of -mouth of Jeff who is not credible because the stories change depending on who he is telling it to. 4) FACT: The problem was a 1811 code which I am told by all mechanics is a common code. After paying $600 for a valve body kit within 3 miles the problem was still evident. 5) FACT: After trying hard to push me on a new or rebuilt transmission ($1900) I rejected the repair completely. When I went to pick my car up he said he had found the problem for sure and had already installed a NEW torque converter – $325. Even though I had just told him not to fix it. 6) FACT: When my son accompanied me to pick the car up (one week after they had installed and I had paid for the kit) he told my son they had installed a NEW Valve Body. I’m sure that the reason for the change is that he had told me several times that he would need to clean out the valve body (that he had just applied the kit to) because there was metal shavings all in it now. I asked him didn’t he see the shavings when he put the kit on it the first time. So I guess that with a man around he felt the need to change the story. 7) FACT: When I pressed the manager to provide me a detailed receipt showing exactly what parts were installed and what they had done – he became upset and told me that since I had consulted someone else about it – don’t come back to his shop about this, but to have my lawyer contact him for his lawyer information. REALLY – – all because I asked for a simple receipt that shows what parts were installed?? 8) VERY STRONG BELIEF: Maliciously, perpetrated a way to cause my transmission to be ruined by leaving off the seal of my transmission pan allowing the transmission fluid to slowly drip out, unnoticed. This would have caused my transmission to burn out afte time. Fortunately, I barely drove the car and got a scheduled oil change from Pep Boys and the technician showed me the problem. Every time I think about what might have happenned if I had not gotten that oil change that day, I am distressed. I simply cannot believe that there is any way that a specialized transmission shop would forget/neglect to put the seals back on the transmission pan knowing that the fluid would leak out and cause the transmission to be burned up. It is shameless that any company would allow its employees to fleece it’s customers like that. And even worse that they would tolerate them purposely causing damage in order to keep clients coming back. I know nothing about transmissions but I do know about truth and honesty. When we take our cars to be repaired, we are often at the mercy of the shop. All money is not good money and money gained at the expense of those who trust you is always bad. I am without a job and paid my last $900 to this shop for a simple repair which is STILL not corrected. Even more, I will need to pay $167.98 to get another shop to do a transmission fluid exchange which will allow them put a new gasket/seal on my pan to prevent the damage that A+ Transmissions would have caused. But the very scariest part is that I dont know what other purposefully damaging things they might have done to my transmission.

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