AA Auto Warranty Co

AA Auto Warranty Co

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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

My husband is a 3 tour Viet Nam disabled veteran who is 100% service connected for Blindness, Heart and Prostate problems. We live on disability payments. We owned a 2004 Cadillac automobile with over 90,000 miles on it. My husband said we needed to get a new car or an extended warranty for the Cadillac. I searched online for the best warranty I could find. I came up with AA Auto Warranty for which I purchased for $500.00 down and $94.93 a month for the past 12 months. Online it had only one complaint that I found at the time and it was settled out of court. It was the most expensive one they had, so I figured it was the best one to purchase. So I purchased it on 4/15/2008 and 10 months later my Onstar Report told me I had transmission problems. That I should take the car to the dealership, which I did. I took it to Cadillac Dealership and the service dept. Representative said they were working with the same warranty company and had so much trouble with them that they wouldnt touch the car for repair unless we paid cash for it, around $5000.00. So, then I had it towed to Ventura, Ca. to a Auto Shop to be repaired. He sent it to TransClinic whose specialty is transmissions and they would work with the AA Auto Warranty Co. After approximately 3 months of back and forth haggling the car was repaired but the request for payment was sent in on 3/30/2016 and denied on 3/31/2016 from the AA Auto Warranty Co. saying upon review this claim is denied. As verified through inspection results, nature of failure (torque converter) is due to time/miles wear, a condition not covered by customers agreement. Incidental and consequential damage is not covered.—Worn/Burnt/Not Broken. Therefore we were left with a repair bill of $3,484.00. This Company warranted my vehicle up to 240,000 miles and my Onstar Report said there was a problem with the transmission. They had no problem taking our money but like all the others we were ripped off too! I just made the last payment this month because I didnt want to screw up my credit rating! I have since went online Ripped Off and there are numerous complaints from other people just like us being ripped off and the advertisments that AA Auto has online. Due to my husband having appointments at the VA Clinic for heart and prostate problems during these past months we have had to use our last savings to purchase another car. At this point Im not asking them to pay the bill. It would give me more trust in companies if they would just refund the money invested in, what I thought was a reliable company. I guess this is a legal way to ripoff unsuspecting customers that assume they are doing the right thing to invest in an extended warranty!

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