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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I recently hired AA-Automovers to transport my show car across country-not knowing at the time that they were only a broker. They informed me that they hired a company called VIP Haul Inc. to transport my car. I ordered an enclosed transport and they assured me that this company was good. When I my car arrived it looked like it was driven across country or transported on an open carrier! I know that is not the case however it was transported on a “Soft Sided” enclosed carrier that was far from weather proof! When the car arrived it was so dirty that the transporter needed to turn the windshield wipers on so that he could see out the windshield!I was in complete shock when Isaw the condition of the car and when Iasked what happened,the driver said the truck leaks and the weather was bad. He then ran his finger across the paint andI quickly told him to stop because it was very abraisive and that I would need to take specialprecautions to clean the car. At this point he handed me the Bill of Lading to sign so that he could get on his way. Without thinking, I signed offand he was on his way. The next day I called the Broker and complained of the quaility of service thatI received-telling themthe condition the car was in when I took deliverly. They told methatI would need to contactVIPHaul Inc. and they are the responsible party! Theygave me the phone number and I contacted them. I spoke toPeter-general manager andI told him my complaint. I told him that I had two people cleaning, and detailing the car all day to restore it back to the condition it was in before transport. I asked to be reinburesed $400. for my time and I was offered $100. I said this was not acceptable and he statedhe would speak to the owner and get back to me. This never happened! I repeatedly contacted AA-Automovers asking them for support and got good lip service. In the endAA-Automovers toldme to contact theVIP Haul. I did and they toldme that I signedoff and accepted the car and good by!! A good lesson to be learned-even someone like myself whois in the used car business as well as an avid collector of antique and classiccars and has hired enclosed transporters many times in the past. Maybe this transporter would be better suited for people who want to enter there cars in the “Barn Find” class! It would be a guaranteed win when it reached its destination!!

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