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A&A Contracting

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Published: 08 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Beware of A&A contracting /Tony (Anthony) Rocco!!! I don’t want anyone to have to deal with what my family and I have been dealing with for the last 5 months! We hired tony in January to finish our basement. He told us that he needed the money for all of the materials up front to get the best deal on everything. So we did. The job was supposed to take 6-7 weeks. Contact said to pay him weekly and last check to hold back till the job was done. The first week they worked less than 20 hours but I did not say anything. Next week they work around 12 so me and my family did not want to pay him the money. He then threaten to put a contractors lien on the house if we did not follow the contract, so we paid him the money because we were also scared that he would run with our $36k in material money. Throughout the weeks I was questioning everything they were doing. Framing was not spaced out correctly, there were no headers to nail the Sheetrock, no boards in the corners, etc.. They put in headers after we spoke to them but now that the Sheetrock is up, the walls are wavy because they were not one continuous board.At this point we have paid him everything b the last payment, The misery continues, they do continue to work (when there wasn’t a flat tire, a car accident or someone that was sick or died) however, when they put the Sheetrock up they cut our holes for lights and thermostat much larger than they were supposed to be. Not a big deal if they were going to fix it. Doors are crooked. It is now the end of April. He promised me it would be done April 30. Floors are not down, plumbing in not half done, Electric is not complete, cabinets are not in, there are cracks in the walls from bad spackling, tiles are are not spaced correctly. I can go on and on but this is the little stuff. At this point, I can not handle fighting with him anymore. I ask him to just deliver the rest of the materials and we will not pay him the last payment. He agrees and tells me that he will finish the electric and plumbing because “he feels so bad that this is taking so long” and that is the stuff my father can not do. He puts in our very expensive shower and ruins it because the floor is not level. Oh and he used pool fitting that are leaking! He also connects a 240 watt heater to a 120 watt breaker. And the hole for toilet is too close to the wall so the tile needs to be ripped up and everything needs to be done over! Again I can continue but this is getting to long. This is where it gets good. We hire a plumber to finish the plumbing. He hooked up the sink and some yellow smelly liquid is coming out. He thinks it’s antifreeze. After cutting open our ceiling in a few places, we figured out that they connected the lines that were supposed to be fresh water to our boiler lines!! So we have to rip down more walls to fix. Oh And he connected the pump with pool fittings so if I do laundry, ( the sewer that he connected to) the water pours down into the pump. And keeps running. I will never let him step foot in my house again but He owes us a few thousand dollars of materials forget about the money we have had to spend on fixing the problems that can be fixed without starting over. He’s not answering any of our phone calls. I’m not sure what I can do at this point besides warn other people so they don’t have to go through this!! I would never want this to happen to anyone else!

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