aa radiator

aa radiator

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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have to agree with the first poster about this company and the owner steve stewart. this man is a liar and a cheat. I recently brought my car to him for an unrelated problem and the transmission mysteriously went out while in his pocession. he assured me that he is an expert on transmissions and could repair it. that was 2 weeks ago and my transmission is scattered in pieces in his filthy shop and he doesnt have a clue how to put it back together. I am getting lie after lie from him about this and I know for a fact that he brought it, in pieces, to another transmission shop in town and asked them to put it back together because he didnt know how. they wouldnt accept the job because they didnt disassemble it and had no idea how many parts might be missing. I know this because I know the owner of that particular shop and he told me that steve stewart went in there with my transmission. I’d already spoken with him about the problem and stewart had no idea that I know this man. I confronted stewart about these problems and told him that I want my car back and out of his shop because he doesnt know what he is doing. I wanted it picked up and towed to a transmission shop and have the entire transmission replaced as aa radiator has completely ruined my old one. steve stewart informed me that he wouldnt release my car until I paid him $1275 for working on my car. a car he has in pieces and connot complete. first poster is right. stay away from this thief!!!!!!!!

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