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A Filthy Group Of Retards

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

AAA Anytime Inc is a truck shipping company in Las Vegas, Nevada. I recently had a horrible experience with this company and I want to tell you guys to stay away from such companies.
They are going to take no responsibility for your vehicle nor even going to make sure to protect it. I was recommended this company by one of my friends said that he knows them and they give excellent services. I wanted to ship my buggy and for that, I decided to hire this company. I called this company to set up a pickup date and upon calling I was being welcomed by one of the worst customer service guys. He can’t even understand nor can speak proper English. I told him that I want my buggy transported in an enclosed container and I did want it to be uncovered to make sure it is safe and secure. On the day of shipment, I was shocked to see that AAA Anytime Inc has sent a trailer which was only semi-covered. I decided to call AAA Anytime Inc to let them know what I asked for and was being told that I never talked about it nor I informed it at the time of booking.
I knew they were lying to me because I remember about informing it to the guy. The buggy was expensive and I wanted to make sure that I reach the destination safe and sound but the way AAA Anytime Inc handled the situation was awful. I knew that I will have to bear consequences because these guys looked unprofessional and it did not look like they are making an effort to make sure the ride is safe. I could not back off at the moment because I already had paid them in advance. I was told by AAA Anytime Inc that if I call my credit company they are going to cancel my delivery and they will take no responsibility of it. The scheduled time for the delivery was about 2 working days but it was now over a week and it was still not delivered. I called this company and was being told that they are going to be back with me in a few minutes. I got a call from them after one hour and was being told that the delivery will arrive the next morning. It did not arrive the next morning also and was being told that the truck has some mechanical issues and it would be delivered on Monday.
Finally, on Monday, it was being delivered but I was being told by my mother who received the delivery that they buggy was in the awful condition it broke from several areas and upon calling AAA Anytime Inc they took no responsibility of it. They do not even apologize for causing this much loss to me. In fact, they blamed me and called me a ‘liar’ and a ‘scammer’. According to them, I was lying about the delivery date. Retards.

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