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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On October 3, 2006 I sought a carrier transport for a car I wanted to ship from Dover, DE to Madison, WI. Surfing the net I found AAA Automovers to have the most impressive ad with the types of reassurances I wanted to protect safe transport of my car. I worked with Kristin who was pictured as the contact person on the internet website for their company. All went well in booking the order and Kristin is really a nice lady who is customer focused. However, it all went down hill after that point. I heard nothing from AAA Automovers when I inquired on 10/13 what had they done the past ten days to get my car picked up. The contact “George” stated they had just got my order and the car would be shipped early the following week. It continued to worsen from this point. On Monday, 10/16 I left many voice messages at several extensions and sent e-mails with NO responses. Then the next day, Tuesday, 10/17/06, I contacted Kristin again, since there was no other way to reach anyone at this company who was responsive to my many messages left on their answering services. Again, Kristin was very customer focused, but that wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I asked to speak with someone in charge. I was put in touch with Mark Brinkman, who when confronted with my concerns about their delay in shipping my care, went into a nonstop explanation what my responsibilities were and how they had done nothing wrong. Mark with his pressured speach and nonstop rambling, in an effort to convince me I was the bad guy, was not willing to let me get a word in edgewise. He sounded like a broken record and I honestly was not impressed with his approach and the bull he was throwing at me. It had been suggested to me that I contract for an upgrade in services with added cost that would intice carriers to take my order. I advised him that was a “bait and switch tactic,” which is viewed in Wisconsin as illegal business practice. I also advised him it was my intention to file a complaint with Wisconsin Consumer Protection in regards to how they had conducted business with me to this point. He concluded by saying he would let me out of the contract and not charge me the $100 cancellation fee, if I wanted to call it quits right now. I advised him I had waited two weeks for him to deliver and still no car. What I wanted was to get my car transported to Wisconsin. Again he offered to cancel my contract and not charge me the $100. I advised him he couldn’t charge me anything, because my credit card was cancelled just before I called him and it no longer existed. However, I did promise to work with him, pay the required amounts and move forward if he could still deliver. He was deeply troubled that I had cancelled the credit card. I asked him what do you expect when you didn’t answer my calls or e-mails, what was I to think? He said he didn’t know how to fix this problem without writing another whole new contract with a new credit card and starting all over again. To me that meant another long wait and still no car. I promised as the customer to amend the existing contract with signature authorizing the change and give him a new credit card to charge the $175 to, which should fix the problem. He contined to sound troubled with my action, but promised to call me at work on Wednesday morning and let me know how we could move forward with the transport. I was asked to send him a confirmation on Tuesday evening whether or not it was a “go” or “no go” on moving ahead with the pickup. I sent that e-mail Tuesday evening and said it was a “go.” Wednesday came and went and no call as promised from Mark Brinkman. I sent him an e-mail that evening to the address he had given to me, which was [email protected] There was No response to it from him. On Thursday evening, 10/19/06, still hearing nothing, I decided to call it quits with AAA Automovers. I did finally send Mark, George, and Kristin an e-mail and told them I had seen them on “Ripoff Scams” and other customers had complained about the very thing I had experienced. I laid out what I thought of their company and ended my correspondence with, …”My final words to your are, You’re fired.” I feel very fortunate that the action I took stopping payment saved me the loss that other customers complained about losing under the same circumstances. It appears that once Mark Brinkman realized he couldn’t bill me as he had done to others, that he really wanted nothing more to do with me, even though I promised to make it good and still work with him. It appeared he’d rather dump my contract rather than have to deal with me. I’ve shipped other cars over the years by other carriers and had no problems with any of these events. This is the first “bad” experience and AAA Automovers deserves the negative attention they brought on themselves from me and the other unhappy customers they “screwed!” Everyone must have heard of “Buyer Beware!” Beware of AAA Automovers, because they want the money, they have shown based on other complaints on file that they are capable of screwing some of their customers, NEVER acknowleges any responsibility for failure to deliver, overtly badgers the customer in an attempt to make them believe they caused the problem, and truly does not care about providing a good service. This is a hands off broker that I would advise anyone to stay clear of unless you want to get screwed out of your hard earned money with nothing to show for it. I lost sixteen days of waiting, but that was a small price to pay to be rid of this company! Floyd Sun Prairie, WisconsinU.S.A.

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