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Published: 17 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Had my car towed by AAA on July 1st, 2017 by Aplus towing due to car was not idling and had not power, to an approved repair facility named Schaumburg Automedics, Inc. located at 503 Lunt Ave, Schaumburg, IL. Had a diagnosis done and was told I needed an upper intake manifold and egr valve. After my car being there for 7 days I paid 1,086.29 on 07/09/10 to the approved repair facility for work that was not done to my car after discovering the parts that the facility claimed to have replaced was the actual original parts from my car from when I purchased the car brand new in 2005. I have a 2005 Mercury Montego. AAA Approved Auto Repair has a AAA Member Bill Of Rights document that states as a AAA member you are guaranteed much more than just quality auto repair and when you present your AAA membership card at an Approved Auto Repair facility, you are entitled to a warranty for repairs, including parts and labor which is covered by a warranty of a minimum of 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first (unless otherwise noted on the repair order)which the approved repair facility did not honor and has violated many sections of the Magnusson Warranty Act. I also requested that my parts be returned which was refused by the AAA Approved Auto Repair facility, and according to AAA member Bill of Rights as evidence of work performed, all replaced parts are returned to you upon request, with the exception of those that must be returned to the manufacturer under warranty or exchange program. The parts were never returned to me at my request due to the original parts that were damaged were still on my car once discovered when I had to repurchase the same parts that were supposed to be replaced and pay for labor again, because this facility did not replace these parts which I paid for. AAA recommended I take my car to one of they’re approved repair facilities and I did not get any of these rights according to AAA’s Member Bill of Rights and have been robbed of 1,086.29 and taken advantaged of and misled of the actual repairs that were to be done, and deceived for repairs that were never done by this approved repair facility recommended by AAA. I have the damaged parts in my possession which are my original parts from my 2005 Mercury Montego and can be proven. This AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility has violated many sections of the Magnusson Warranty Act, the Automobile Repair Act, and AAA Member Bill of Rights. AAA recommended one of theyre Approved facilities and I have been ripped off of 1,086.29 by one of theyre approved automobile repair facilities and AAA is responsible for the money I have been robbed of by this AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility. On AAAs statement from BBB dated 10/19/10, the technician diagnosed the vehicle as a damaged intake manifold (damaged by a malfunctioning EGR valve) causing a vacuum leak leading to the poor running and stalling dying out condition. However, the statement from this AAA Approved Repair shop stated on BBB on 07/27/10, the exhaust system was still restricted and caused the burn hole in the upper manifold, which was the same restricted exhaust code P0430 that was diagnosed on 07/01/10, and AAA now states the damage or hole was due to the malfunctioning EGR valve.AAA stated on 10/15/10 that once repairs to the engine had been performed the technician attempted to take the vehicle for a road test drive. However, the statements from this AAA Approved Repair shop stated to BBB on 07/27/10, they were unable to road test the vehicle, and then again on 07/27/10, the car was driven less mile, then again on 07/03/10, the car was less driven less than mile on the theyre invoice 0062638 dated 07/13/10, and then again on 08/06/10, the technician did drive the vehicle into the shop and again the technician road tested the vehicle about mile and returned to the shop. These statements show that my car was driven by this repair shop on several occasions and indicates many conflicting statements made by AAA and AAAs approved repair shop.AAA states the AAR advised not to drive the vehicle in that condition because failure of the new engine parts could happen. However, on the AARs invoices it only states that the car is not drivable as stated on 07/07/10 invoice 0062539 and nothing else. This AAR did not even mention anything about not to drive the vehicle until I returned the car by tow on 07/13/10, which indicates a violation of definition 2302 section a of the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, and the Automobile Repair Act under the section for invoices, and does not state any details of a warranty on AAAs Member Bill of Rights. Also to add the vehicle was never driven by me due to the fact it was only going 5 miles per hr and had no power and who would drive a vehicle going only 5 miles per hr and no power. The only driving that was done once I had to have my car towed from this AAR shop on 07/09/10, was the mechanic in Chicago who had to test drive the car 3 blocks away and then 3 blocks back to his shop because the car was only going 5 miles per hr and had no power and this was the second shop I had my car towed to from Schaumburg to Chicago. The first shop is the AAR shop in Schaumburg. The third shop was the shop that was in the process of replacing both catalyst converters when they found the same hole in the upper intake manifold part on 07/12/10, 3 days after being towed from the AAR shop in Schaumburg who supposedly had replaced these parts. The car was only driven 6 blocks and towed to the shop that was replacing the catalyst converters and as previously indicated, the AAR shop did drive my vehicle when it was in theyre possession and more than the miles that this AAR shop have made, due to the many conflicting statements to this fact.After much research about the parts that were still damaged and removed from my vehicle, it was discovered that these parts were not new service parts purchased by a Ford Service Department, but the original engineered parts from the manufacturer that were still on my car from when I purchased my car brand new in 2005. AAAs AAR shop never replaced these parts with the service parts that are listed on this bogus receipt they provided over 30 days later from when I first requested to see the receipt or a copy on 07/13/10 for these new parts they had supposedly purchased and replaced, and was refused along with seeing the old parts they removed from my vehicle that I requested as well. This AAR shop has violated many sections of the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, the Automobile Repair Act, and AAAs own Member Bill of Rights which I have highlighted for your review.Also the mileage listed on all the invoices on 07/01/10 and 07/07/10 are the same, except the invoice dated 07/13/10 when I had to have the vehicle towed back to the AAA AAR shop and have violated many sections of the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, the Automobile Repair Act, and AAAs own Member Bill of Rights which I have highlighted for your review.The parts and my vehicle was in the same damaged condition from when I had to first tow my vehicle to this recommended AAA AAR shop on 07/01/10.There are many conflicting statements from this AAA AAR shop to the BBB about the miles that were driven and if the car was driven by this AAR shop while in theyre possession. I attached all the BBB documents showing all the statements made and highlighted these statements by AAA and this AAA AAR shop along with what is stated on the recommended AAA AAR shops invoices which are not consistent statements.AAA stated on 10/15/10 to BBB, Schaumburg Automedics repair order clearly states at the bottom the actions to take in the event a warranty situation arises and the time limits for warranty coverage. However, the only information on the AAA AAR repair orders only state the warranty time limits for warranty coverage with nothing else clearly stated about the warranty except in caps, the Warranty is 12 mth/12,000 miles, whichever occurs first and must be performed by this AAA AAR shop unless specified otherwise.This AAA AAR shop did not honor the warranty because they never purchased any parts for my vehicle so there was not a warranty to honor, they never gave me my old parts they supposedly replaced after requesting the return of the old parts, they never produced a receipt for the parts until after 30 days later which shows many alterations and discrepancies, they did not have anything detailed in writing about the warranty on any of theyre invoices, they did not change the mileage on any of theyre invoices to reflect the many conflicting statements about driving my car and not driving my car, the order dates on the AAR invoices are conflicting with the order dates on this after 30 day later receipt, the service part numbers do not match the damaged parts which are the original engineered part numbers from the manufacturer that were taken off my vehicle on 07/22/10 after having to repurchase the parts and pay for labor again. AAA recommended one of theyre AAR shops and this AAR shop has made many violations of the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, The Automobile Repair Act, and AAAs own Member Bill of Rights which I have highlighted every violation along with provided pictures of my vehicles original engineer manufactured parts and also have these parts in my possession. I have included the over 30 day old receipt this AAR shop provided along with the invoices and have highlighted the many discrepancies and alterations and conflicting dates and information on these documents for your review. I have included the receipts for the parts I had to repurchase and the labor I had to pay all over again along with the rental car receipt I had to pay for 23 days I had to be without my car for the deceptions made by this AAA AAR shop recommended by AAA.

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