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AAA Logistics LLC

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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a Ferrari from Daniel “Danny” Enzer phone from an eBay auction last year and had it shipped to me using Mr. Enzer’s auto shipping company A2Z Logistics LLC. He told me it was a beautiful mint condition car. When I got it, it was a total rust bucket and did not even run! He did not even own the car but was selling it for someone else! When I contact him about the car he said it was running when he shipped it but the driver told me that they had to call a tow truck to load the car. It was a anniversary present for my wife you can imagine how upset I was. Not only did he lie about everything about the car I paid him for the shipment then he told the driver that I was paying COD. It took me a couple of day to get him to pay for it then he only paid for part of it. Finally he he paid for it and left me stuck with a car that worth thousand of dollar less than what I paid for it. To repair the car would cost thousands of dollars and not worth it. I finally sold the car and lost thousands on it. He offered me a few hundred in compensation which was a joke. I hired a private detective to check him out and he found out the Danie lM. Enzer is a convicted felon drug trafficker on parole from federal prison. He is a career criminal that has been arrested many times for many different crimes. These are the crimes he has been arrested but many times guys like this have committed many more crimes that they have not been arrested for. Check out this link to verify this: I checked his Facebook page and everything on there are lies. He never graduated from high school or Ashworth College, does not live in Palm Beach, FL, shows pictures of exotic cars, motorcycles, Big Rig Trucks that he does not own it is all an illusion. He even uses his wife (if he even has a wife) to get on the phone and help him commit fraud. He changed the name of his company from A2Z Logistics LLC to AAA Logistics LLC I am sure to hide from all the people he has ripped off. I would love to hear your stories about this felon, Conman, pathological liar and thief. Do not have anything to do with Daniel “Danny ” Enzer he will rip you off.

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Economy Signs

There is a good reason ECONOMY SIGNS is NOT a member of the BBB. This man and his friends are COMPLETE SCAMMERS! LAIRS! And RIP OFF’


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