AAA Property Preservation Nationwide Lynn Bondanza

AAA Property Preservation Nationwide Lynn Bondanza

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Published: 18 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

EASY SOLUTION was subcontractor for AAA Property Preservation Nationwide – Lynn Bondanza, performing property preservation services in 2018 & 2014. All assigned work orders has been completed always on time, never late and all supporting photos from perfomed jobs were submitted by emails along with invoice at the time of completion. Starting November 2018 AAA Property Preservation Nationwide – Lynn Bondanza stopped communicate with Easy SOlution, who at that time had unpaid invoices in amount of over $ 8,000 and needed immediate assistance to solve work orders in process which included additional expenses over $ 2,000 to be paid by Easy Solution. Numerous of emails, voicemails, text messages has been sent to Lynn Bondanza regarding payment collection and help with unsolved work orders in progress, without responds, so Easy Solution had to contact client of AAA Property Preservation Nationwide – Altisource directly, who has been helping Easy Solution to solve the work orders in progress but needed Lynn Bondanza (AAA Property Preservation Nationwide) as their vendor to be invoived to solve the unpaid invoices and upload the work orders missing in their system. Due to Easy Solution didn’t have any direct contract with Altisource, they needed Lynn Bondanza’s assistance as well, after weeks / months of trying to reach her by emails & phone she finally responded and started to cooperate a little bit in February / April. Some invoices has been paid after many months of emailing, calling, asking, very disapointed with the responds and not asnwering for many many weeks and months. AAA Property Preservation Nationwide still owes Easy Solution total of $ 3,017.73 for total of 42 work orders completed in 2014. From this amount about a half has been already paid to AAA PRoperty Preservation Nationwide from Altisource, BUT Lynn Bondanza never released the payment to Easy Solution. Due to Easy Solution comunicating and getting all details about every single work order and payment details from Altisource , we have all proves that AAA Property Preservation Nationwide got payment from Altisource. Emails and letter by mail has been submited to AAA Property Preservation Nationwide to release the payment to Easy Solution, but without success. There are still work orders which are missing in Altisource system and only AAA Property Preservation Nationwide as their former vendor (recently not active any longer) can upload work orders in order to get payment for them, even they are not vendor any longer, but due to a big help from manager at Altisource we could’ve done this if Lynn BOndanza would be cooperating. She is noting just ignoring all voicemails, emails, letters, her phone was recently disconnected. The business practices of AAA PRoperty Preservation Nationwide are very unprofessional, Lynn Bondanza is non paying, untrustworthy, lying about not getting paid from her client. She is holding our money and don’t want to release the payment to us. We have been seeking payment of $ 3,017.73 for months without any success.

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