AAM Design, LLC

AAM Design, LLC

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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

1. This action for breach of contract, common law fraud, and alter ego liability stems from Defendantsu2019 posing as general contractors, entering into an agreement for the provision of high-end design and general contractor services, accepting an advance payment under that agreement, and then absconding with the payment without honoring their obligations. 2. Defendants, purporting to operate under the cover of AAM Design, LLC (u201cAAMu201d), have perpetrated this scam on several unsuspecting victims. 3. Each time, Defendant Amir Mughal casts himself as a licensed architect and general contractor capable of designing and performing certain renovations to commercial spaces in accordance with local building codes and liaising with subcontractors to complete the victimu2019s requested renovations on time and under budget. 4. Defendant Amir Mughal was fluent enough in the commercial construction terms and procedures to pass as a legitimate contractor. He would take measurements, discuss specifications, and provide initial CAD architectural drawings sufficient to dupe the victims into believing they were paying for legitimate services. 5. Defendants then sent a written proposal to their victims outlining the services they would perform. That written proposal demanded a portion of the agreed-upon fee up front. After receiving the up-front portion of the fee, Defendants became virtually non-responsive to their victims, performing little to no work on the projects. 6. When Defendants did answer their victimsu2019 pleas to perform under their agreements, Defendants fabricated a seemingly endless series of excuses to explain their dilatory conduct and evaded performance even further. 7. Ultimately, Defendants ceased contact with their victims altogether, having performed none of their obligations under their agreements and making off with the advance portion of their fee. we are not the only victims of this scam artist. in our diligence we’ve come across numerous victims of his scams of similar nature. We have full documentation and supporting collateral to prove our claims against this criminal. AVOID HE AND HIS BROTHER AND ASSOCIATES LIKE THE PLAGUE. Report all ripoffs to www.amirmughaldesign.com and we will continue our effort to engage the district attorneys offices.

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