Aamco of Hackensack NJ

Aamco of Hackensack NJ

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Published: 06 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

NoI own a 2004 Mistsubishi Montero Sport with 4WD, with 105,000 miles. While driving, the 4×4 shifter started shaking violently & the check engine light came on. I turned around to head for home first stopping for a cup of coffee. When I started the car, it would only drive in reverse. I had it towed to Aamco in Hackensack, NJ. After initial inspection, Nick told me I had to pay $685 to determine the total issue and cost, but the $685 would credit against the total repair. He was right, the $685 did apply towards the total. The next day I got a call to tell me the transmission had to be rebuilt for a total of $2750. I wasn’t thrilled, but it seemed like a reasonable price. One day later Nick called again to tell me they found more problems with the torque converter and other things. That would be another $1200. I asked how much would I owe if I said stop and had the car towed away. I was thinking, the Kelly Blue Book is only a little over $5,000. I was told I would owe $2,750. At that point, I felt I had no choice but to agree to the additional $1,200. Three days later I got called again. Well Doug, the Transfer Case is broken, cannot be rebuilt, a replacement, a used replacement in fact, will cost you another $2,200. Now my cost with taxes, will be over $6,400. Transfer Case – what is that? Nick said it is used to make the 4WD work. Well, one of the documented symptoms I told Nick about was that the 4×4 shifter was shaking violently. I think that means it would have been a good idea to look at the transfer case on Day One! Now, I’m no expert but when you tell me it is $2,750 to rebuild the transmission, I assume you looked at EVERYTHING, and there would be no extra surprises. Well, I was surprised 3 times! I chose Aamco because of their website claim of 6 month no interest financing. I gave Nick my credit info on Day One, but not until I was in for more than $6,400 did he tell me I only qualified for $2,500. I had to get a co-signed. I had a co-worker call them and give their info. Then, the day before I was to pick up the car, Nick said, “Oh by the way, your co-worker only qualified for $2,500, so you need to bring another $1,400 in ncash with you”! Are you kidding me!?! I had a family member then call to cosign. I assumed it would be me & the family member. No, turns out they have on the contyract now, me, my co-worker, and my family member. Then, each of those two people get sent a credit card in the mail, they get their own monthly bill for their portion of the total. What the heack? Co-sign is supposed to mean the bills come to me, and if I default, then the finance company goes after them. What kind of business is this place? Well, as you can guess, I was played. I feel foolish and embarrassed. All I hope is that someone in Northern New Jersey, in a similar position as I was, reads this and takes their car somewhere else.

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