Aamco on Vance Jackson &410 San Antonio

Aamco on Vance Jackson &410 San Antonio

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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This location is HORRIBLE-AWFUL-A**-BACKWARDS-LIARS-RIP-OFFS-We took a vehicle to this location for a repair that was told to us would take a week-well it has been a month and these morons haven’t done the job! The new guy working at the customer service desk is Matt.He is new he was just hired the day we took the car in on May 25.He is trying to clean up all the shite the last moron left behind, some upstate outta towner named Rob-who was the first person we originally spoke w/to set up service-we now he’s fired and nowhere to be found. Rob told us the job would cost us $2600, upon telling him we were walking, and can do better elsewhere,magically $600 comes off the price-then he says the car is ready for pick up and some other moron says it’s no where close to being ready for pick up. Next, some moron states our parts(for a 63 Buick) are ordered from NY, another moron stated, “NO, they’re being ordered from Ohio…our 63 is our baby, we cherish her and put alot of time and money into her-so when this job has not been completed in a month,we fired these liars and came outta pocket for a tow back to our home and our transmission in pieces in a box—they also did no work only pulled out the transmission, that’s it, nothing in a whole month. Meanwhile, I am without a car and have 3 kids one is only 8 months. I use this car everyday to drive, we expressed this up front to that Rob individual in the beginning.He said it would take a week to get our car back. So, one month and $600 later we are left BY AAMCO back at square one.I am so sorry I left my baby here at this place and I am flooding the internet w/complaints in the hopes that noone else will make the same mistake of trusting the AAMCO name at this location.Matt the new guy stated to us, “Hey you guys are lucky,it’s only been here a month, other customers have been waiting 4 months!” That’s it!!!You’re FUQ’N FIRED, Aamco!!!—It should be Aamago, as in, I’m a go somewhere else because this place rips people off—The rip off is they say,”We’re gonna charge $400 to remove your transmission and take it apart to diagnose it but we will include it to your repair bill, that’s the rip-off, THEY NEVER REPAIR!!! Just put our 63 on the backburner–If our 63 is our priority there, then it should be Aamco’s DARN WELL IF NOT, THEN Y’R F**’N FIRED! So we end up paying the $400 because that’s all they did was pull out the tranny and nothing else, my Granny moves faster than these wankers.This fee was paid under duress because they were holding our 2-speed antique tranny hostage!The Attorney General tells me after some late research this place has 36 complaints in the last 2 years! Some moguai tried to tell me to look at a printed report he had in his hand from the BBB,I respond,”Moguai, I’m talking about reports filed w/the ATTORNEY GENERAL’S office!” There are too many unhappy customers-we call in the police to help us retrieve our property and the cop states, “Miss this isn’t the first time we come out to this location for disputes like this, we do come here often!” I intend to spread the word for a good month and when that’s over I’ve got a whole month after that to continue warning customers to BEWARE of AAMCO at 410 & VANCE JACKSON—-you will stay away if you don’t want your car feelings hurt or your pocketbook’s either! Take your car to a place that has good recommendations and folks that know how to treat a customer and their car…it’s not this place by any means-On a scale from 1-5 they get a negative 5 from us!!! We may be out $600 but that’s cheap to get rid of these liars… Aamco lost respect, credability, and my business plus those who upon reading my negative review amongst others out there who decide this place sucks-so in the end it’s your location that’s tarnished, some more… And in the end, they said let us put yr transmission back together and back in the car, It will be an extra charge of course, so we’re like-Dont u get it, Y’r fired, give us back our car and parts now, we don’t have any more time to waste w/the likes of you wankers! This just re-affirms that they are only here to rip off as much money as they can from unsuspecting people out there—-boo Aamco-three thumbs down no gold star for you.

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