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AAMCO Otto Liable

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Published: 09 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Around the middle of January, 1996 we took our Plymouth van into Aamco to get a quote for transmission repair. We left and about 2 hrs. later got a call from the owner, Otto Liable, quoting us a price of $1250.00. I told him to hold up and I would call him back. I started calling some of the other trans. shops in our area to find out the going rate. I got several lower quotes. So I called Mr. Liable back to tell him we would not be needing his service and he proceeded to tell me he had taken our transmission apart and it would be a $250.00 charge to put it back together or he could put it in a box for me. I was very upset. I asked why they were so high and i quote the following statement that came from the owner’s son, “We do excellent work and we stand behind our name and our work”. Well the fact that our transmission was in pieces, in their garage, was the reason we chose to let them do the work. Jan. 26, 96 – Picked up van from Aamco. Feb. 6, 96 – Noticed a slip in transmission. Feb. 21, 96 – Took van to AAmco. Said problem was with overdrive. Fixed the problem. Same day, after picking up van, had the same problem. Took van bk to Aamco, fixed problem again. Feb. 26, – 96 – Transmission slipped when I took off. Feb. 27, – 96 – Transmission goes out completely. Feb. 28 – 96 – Aamco has van towed to their shop. Feb. 29 – 96 – Went to pick up car. Otto said it was just a screw. March 1, 96 – Transm slips when put into gear. March 2, 96 – Trans. gets stuck in over drive. March 13, 96 – Trans. slips. Took van to Aamco. Owners son sd could not look at it today. March 15, 96 – Picked up car. Now gas pedal gets stuck. March 18, 96 – Took van to Aamco in A.M. By P.M. it was ready. April 17, 96 – Trans. slipped when I put it in reverse. June 3, 96 – Took van to Aamco, son could not understand why we were so upset abt car. Showed him proof that we had had the car in his shop 7 times over past 6 months. We were on our way out of town but could not trust it to make the trip. Left it at Aamco. July – 96 – Trans. slips again. July 12, 96 – Took van to Aamco, they replaced reverse band. Sept. 19, 96- Bk to Aamco, sd trans. would have to be replaced but couldnt do it till Oct. 7. Oct. 7, 96 – Took van to Aamco. They supposedly replaced trans. Oct. 14, 96- Picked up van. No new paperwork or mention of warranty. Jan. 97 – Trans. having difficulty shifting. June 22, 1997 – Trans. makes loud noise and would not shift gears. Only has 1st gear. June 23, 97 – Not wanting, after all the trouble we’ve been through, to take the van to Aamco, we choose to have another transmission put in by an individual who has his own shop. This individual opened hood and said, “there’s your problem, this is a junkyard transmission.” We had to pay him to fix our transmission that Aamco had messed up. He gave us a letter stating the above mentioned facts. Said we were not the 1st to bring our car in and have him fix what Aamco had messed up. I feel this company needs to be stopped from ripping off any more customers. They know what they are doing and they, unfortunately, are getting away with it. It’s a shame that, with all the advanced regulations we have, we cannot stop a company from continuously ripping off people on a day to day basis.

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