Aamco Pearl River NY

Aamco Pearl River NY

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Published: 15 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In July of 2002 we brought my car to Aamco in Pearl River, NY. The car is a 1992 Mitsubishi Diamante with 160,000 miles. The car would not go into any gear, and was broke down. Aamco quoted us $2,600 to rebuild the transmission. Chris the owner had agreed on $2,400 if we paid with cash. We told him to go ahead with the job. When the job was done, we picked the car up, and seemed to run a little different, which was expected. Approximately 3 days later the car broke-down again into the state it was before we brought it to them. Since we had received a one year warranty it was to be fixed free of charge, so they rebuilt it again. Once again we picked it up, and the car was running fine for a while. On September 4th the car once again broke-down. The car was brought back to Aamco for the 3rd time, and we were told the torque converter was changed, as well as some other parts. When we picked it up, it was running as usually. Approximately one month later, I went outside, and the transmission had leaked all of its fluid onto my driveway, it was towed back to Aamco. They said it was a gasket, and seals, and it was fixed. time, because when I was getting an oil-change, I was told the Transmission Pan Gasket was bad, and it was leaking. At this time, the car was starting to run very funny. They fixed the gasket, but the car was running differently. I had wasted enough time with them, and took the car back how it was, and let it sit in my driveway for 2 weeks while on vacation. In early January the car was slipping badly, and getting stuck into 3rd gear. The car was very hazardous to drive, due to the transmission problems. This was the 6th time it had to be brought back to them. They told us they would just put a new transmission into the car. The car has now been at Aamco in Pearl River for almost 5 weeks. They have told us they thought it was the TCM (Transmission Control Module), we had told them it was to be done by Friday February 14th, or we would expect the car back in its current state with a full refund for $2,400. Today is February 14th and the car is not done. They have told us today that they are getting a new transmission for the car which we were told they had already done. They even implied that maybe the car had been in a wreck, this is absolutely not true, because we are the original owners of the car. As of today the owner has stated that he now thinks the problem is outside the transmission. He says he will have a solution on Monday, and will possibly have to bring it to another shop. Every time we call Aamco we receive the run around from there Secretary Rose. She will say that the car is on the lift, or that they are waiting for a part. Since the car has been there in early January on two different occasions we have been told that the car would be ready that day, and it was not. Aamco does not communicate well with there customers, to say the least. Aamco has now had my car in total of almost 3 months, each time with something else wrong. Aamco is a poor excuse for a transmission shop; they obviously can not fix my car, and will not concede to that fact. We have given them ample time to fix my car, and so far they have not been able to. We expect a solution to fix my car, and make sure it is working 110 percent, or receive a full refund. Evan Thiells, New YorkU.S.A.

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