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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We decided to bring our Jeep Grand Cherokee in for a transmission rebuild. The initial inspection happened and we got an estimate and agreed to the job. The shop had our Jeep for two weeks! This should have been a couple days at most. We had to get a rental vehicle, which cost us over $1000, including the cost of gas. The total cost of the rebuild of the transmission was over $2000. We got the Jeep back finally, we were asked to bring it back in to make sure everything was good. They inspected it, test drove it, and discovered there was a problem. They ensured us the repairs are covered under the warranty. We brought it back in, the parts were supposed to be ordered and it was supposed to be a quick fix, and should have had our vehicle back the next day. In all of the weeks we have been dealing with them, not once have we received a phone call from them. Not once. We have had to call them every day to find out what is going on with our vehicle. The first two weeks we were finally informed the manager had been fired for being drunk at work, among other things. The acting manager then had to try and fix all the problems he had caused. Last time they had our Jeep, we were waiting and waiting for results, a phone call, anything. Apparently no one knows how to order parts or track them. They had our Jeep for another week, and no progress had been made, so we came and picked it up so we could have our vehicle for the weekend since the temperatures were in the 90s and our Jeep has air conditioning. They told us to bring it back in last Monday, July 13. They told us it would probably be ready that day, maybe the next day. A week later they still have the Jeep, and still have not received one phone call. We have to call them every day and find out. Most of the time their answer is that they don’t know what the status is. Not once have they called us, not once have their estimates meant anything. They simply tell us what we want to hear to get us off the phone and appease us until the next day when we have to call them back. The incompetence is staggering. It boggles the mind how no one ever knows where the Jeep is, where the part is, why it hasn’t been installed yet, etc. We are far from a priority. The customer service, or lack thereof, is atrocious. They weren’t even going to do this last repair because they said it wasn’t part of the rebuild. They finally agreed to do it without charging us further. We had to call again today and find out what the hell is going on. Now they are saying they are going to have it done today and will call us. Not holding our breath. .

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