AAMCO [Ron Feola]

AAMCO [Ron Feola]

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Published: 06 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had my transmission on a Mercedes 300SD rebuilt by AAMCO about 3 years ago [less than 15000 miles ago] This was done by a shop in Anaheim, CA. I was initally quoted $2,900 and it was lowered to $2,400 when I said I could get a rebuilt unit from the Mercedes Dealer for that price. Were they now going to do $500 less work? Or was this ‘talk’n money’? My car was still drivable but they said “I would only destroy the rest of the transmission if I kept driving it.” This was without ever looking at it. When they did, they said there were chips and dirt in the fluid and that a bolt had come loose and destroyed the inside. I went ahead and let them rebuild the transmission with the request [in writing] that they return all broken parts to me for inspection. They never would or did. They said they were thrown out! I’m starting to get worried. The transmission was now working so I paid and bit my lip. I was never sure what was wrong with it or what was fixed. Yellow card for AAMCO. Now today I’m in Las Vegas and the reverse goes out and so is the warranty. I call my mecanic [500 miles away] and he said to have someone check the bands on the reverse. On this model they can be adjusted on the car. That this might solve the problem. I pulled into AAMCO in Las Vegas because they rebuilt the tranmission and should know how to fix it. I tell them what my mecanic told me. They tell me that it would be $49 to check it out. I go ahead and authorize it [in writing]. However, I am not given a copy of the receipt for the car. I am told they would know in 4-5 hours and let me know. I’m starting to get worried. I rent a car and go about my business. They call me an hour later and said there were chips and dirt in the fluid and that the reverse on this model cannot be adjusted, in fact it is completely destroyed and has to be replaced! they said “I would only destroy the rest of the transmission if I kept driving it.” Gee, this is sounding like some kind of “sales script” that the dealers have to memorize! RED flags go up! They now try to bend my arm over the counter by selling me a rebuilt tranmission: total cost out the door $2,400. Yeh! Now I’m worried! I try to pay the $49 and get out of there without the repair, they can’t find the paperwork and tell me that there will be no charge. Gosh, did it go into the schredder to destroy the evidence? Score: AAMCO – 0, ME – $49. So I rent this flat bed from U-Haul and tote my car to my mecanic in San Diego. [cheep insurance, SHOULD it break down in the desert] Cost: $220 My San Diego mecanic has it fixed in 45 minutes. Reverse band needed adjustment. It was adjustable, not worn out, and there were no chips or dirt in the fluid. However, AAMCO had overfilled the transmission by 2 qts; overfilling can destroy a tranmission by blowing the seals from excess pressure. What if this happned in the middle of the mojave desert? Was this pay back? Red card for AAMCO. My repair cost: $90. Hey, this is what the &*%%$ heads in Las Vegas should have done!!…. Don’t they want return business? My mecanic does, I just drove 500 miles to return my business. Final Score: AAMCO – zip, ME – about $2000 … Yeah! I Win, they loose! They are nothing but %%*&^## liars and &^^%$$ cheeting dogs! New mantra at bedtime: “never do business with AAMCO” “never do business with AAMCO” Beep Beep your A_ _!

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