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Published: 07 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

i took my vw in to aamco in newark my car took to long to go into drive.sean the manger told me they would have to check it there was no charge to check it .so 2 days later he tells me the trans is real bad (those are his words your trans is real bad)its 4000.00 to fix it i said know thank you i will pick up my car .when i got there i found my trans was out of the car in a thousand parts.and he said it would cost 700.00 to put it back in the car.and he didnt think it would move if he put it together like that.i never told him to take the trans.out of the car.he said i did tell him to i must have missunderstood him .after a 3 hour argument with sean abd a very nasty owener warren we agreed on 3500.00 the car would be done in 2 days.6 weeks later the car was done .i went to pick it up they would not take a credit card or check i was told they would only take cash(one of the spanish speaking workers told me in spanish they always do that to people on fridays because they need the cash to pay the workers)i drove the car around the block it was worse than ever the car had no power the check engine light was on.i wasnt gone more than 3 min.i went back they said i had to leave it .i wanted my money back until the car was finished now remember i just gave it to hin less than 5 min ago they told me they put my cash in the bank allready they can only give me a check (but they would not take my check).another month went by i went to get my car i got stuck 5 blocks from the shop they towed me back.i went back two weeks later the car still was not rite.i took the car to lee myles they fixed the car in 2 days and it was perfect.when i went to get my money back.the owner told me to take him to court he was not going to give me anything.so we are going to cort.i understand that aamco shops are owned and run by different people.but if aamco as a company lets there shop owners do this to people then i want no part of any aamco.so watch out if your in newark

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