Aamco transmission Atlanta

Aamco transmission Atlanta

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Published: 30 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

in April of 2002 I had my 1999 jeep Grand Cherokee towed to Bro. Dave at Aamco transmissions. At the time it would not go over 20mph. The night before while on my way home I noticed that the engine would rev up to 4000rpm before coming out of 1st. This problem started about ten minutes from my home. The next day my wife drove it to work. Her job is approx. 35 miles from our home. About 5 miles from her job she said that it wouldnt go over 20 moh. She managed to make it the 5 miles to work and then called me. She said that the check engine light was on also. Thinking it probably was the transmission I had her call Aamco and they came and towed it the same day. Bro. Dave called me and said that they would perform an external diagnostic on it and would call me back. He called about 2 hours later and said that they found nothing that would be causing my problems externally and that they would need to take the transmission out and inspect it. This by the way was a 490 dollar service even if they did nothing but put it back in when they were done. I agreed and they contacted me the next day to say I had massive internal damage and needed a rebuild. I told them to do the repairs and contact me when done. About 5 days later it was finished at a cost of $2,400! I didnt have it so Bro. Dave let me make payments. It took 6 weeks to pay them off and get my Jeep back. I picked it up on 5/31/02 near closing time. When I left they closed up for the day. As I left I noticed that it still took until 4000rpm for it to go into 2nd gear. I blamed this on the fact that it had been sitting for so long and would get better. About 5 minutes into my drive home my check engine light came on again! i had no choice but to continue home since the shop was closed. I made home ok but with the check engine light on and it hard shifting from 1st to 2nd. I drove it to work that night because it was my only vehicle and I planned on going back to the shop in the morning. I made it to work fine but when I got off I had problems. It started out fine but after 10 min. of driving it wouldnt go over 20mph just like before! I work approx. 100 miles from where I live so i was stranded! I called Aamco and talked to Bro. Dave. He told me to leave my Jeep and get a rental car. He said he would reimburse me. I couldnt get one because it was a Saturday and they all closed at 12 noon in the area I was in. I ended staying in a hotel that night. In the morning I tried it again and it still wouldnt go over 20mph. I stop a gas station and got gas and started back to the hotel. Well, It started shifting then. So I decide to check out and chance it to take me home. It did and I kept right on going to the shop. I left there and got a ride back home. On monday Aamco checked it out and said I had a bad output speed sensor. I looked at my original receipt and saw that they had written that down after the external inspection. My question was why didnt they just replace it the first time and not rebuild my transmission. I got no comment. I know I didnt need a rebuild. My jeep did the exact same thing with the rebuilt trans. as it did with my original trans.! Only when it was the rebuild they decided to replace the sensor. On top of that they refused to pay my hotel bill because Dave said it wasnt something they originally had fixed. My Question is then what in the world was broke! My jeep runs fine now but legal action will soon follow. Milton Atlanta, Georgia

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