Aamco Transmission , Cottman Transmission

Aamco Transmission , Cottman Transmission

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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Aamco has had my car from 12-17-07 till 1-07-08 to rebuild the transmission for my Porsche, The day I picked up the car I returned 24 miles later with a noise in the Transmission and the E brake. The same day Brandon acknowledged the Ebrake problem but said the transmission noise passed the Dealers inspection and undercarriage damage was there before he worked on the car. I left and drove it 45 miles to another dealer to confirm the transmission was not susposed to make this noise and the Ebrake was not working properly and the undercarriage dust cover was installed wrong. The next day I spoke with the owner Scott Furges who agreed to have the car towed tothe Humble store where his 2nd best mechanic would rebuild the transmission again, they determined a bearing in the torque converter was not replaced by the 3rd party he buys from. They kept the car from 1-08-08 till 1-16-08. When I picked up the car I noticed there was a rock chip on the hood and drivers door and the undercarriage was still not installed properly and the damaged piece was forced in place so that it was in a bind and warped out of configuration. I pointed thios out to the tech and he said he was only delivering my car as it was driven by the owner from Humble to Tomball ( approx 35 miles ). The owner called me to tell me the car was ready and that he personally drove the car to make sure it was fixed right and apologized ” because the roads were too wet for him to get any more out of the car.” I called him and left a message on his cell phone to call me back and the next day I got a call back assuring me he would work something out about the rock chips but would not fix the undercarriage and would take another look at the E brake issue. I returned a week later and spent another 2 hours waiting on them to fix the E brake and was told the problem was not something they did and would not do anything else to the car. I called the owner back again and was met with a derroragatory tone that he would not rebuild my car. On Saturday I washed the car and once cleaned noticed the extent to the damage done, the windshield is cracked and the rear deck is scratched along with the rear windshield due to mechanics neglect or ignorance of not knowing that plastic rear window’s can be scratched by being handled, this was not evident when I picked up the car on the 16th due to weather conditions. These clowns put over 150 miles on the car raod testing it. Scott said the waiver I signed gave them permission to road test the car and they are not responsible for any road hazzards. Today he called to warn me his warranty is very specific and that if I wanted to play ball he was ready. I have estimates the damage done by them hotrodding my car, bottoming it out, and the rock chips will cost 3,500 and the transmission is msking noise again in reverse. I will never again go to Aamco or Cottman because of theives and con men like Scott Furges he is a thief and a liar and incompetent. Clark Pinehurst, TexasU.S.A.

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