Aamco Transmission Specialists

Aamco Transmission Specialists

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Published: 05 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had originally taken my 1994 VW Jetta into a new dealership that opened for a 21 point inspection — had rear brakes, head gasket and tie-rod replaced — fairly normally repairs. 10 miles after leaving the dealership the car would not shift — back to the dealer after another week — couldn’t isolate the problem but felt it was deep inside the transmission — cost to get a used one — $1,800. Lost confidence. Called Aamco Transmission in Poughkeepsie, New York. Explained entirely what had happened. The recommendation rebuild your own transmission at least you know what you have. To diagnose the problem $600.00. Transmission repairs minimum $1,400 to a maximum of $2,000 if a torque converter was needed. From speaking with me, they knew I was totally ignorant of the inner workings of a car. Also they assured me that they would first check out the car before going to the transmission. I had the car towed there by AAA. They called my husband up after they tore the transmission apart and said the car upon arrival would not start and they had to “trickle charge it”. However, they tore apart the transmission — so much for looking at other causes first. Apparently they moved the car in and out of the bay area several times. When we went up to sign the estimate it was over $2,600 and the entire charge had to be authorized contracts signed and everything in person before they would start the repair. I was upset because it was $600 more than they said was the max. They said they had to replace gears etc. that was never in the estimate. That was a Saturday — no mention again about the car not starting. On Wednesday, they called me and said that the car still wasn’t running correctly and that more parts were needed. I said I had a contract, they had pulled apart the car and was supposed to know what was wrong. On Thursday they called and said one of the parts that the factory sent had been defective and that it would be replaced at no additional charge. They called again this time to my husband and said the car would not start. My husband authorized them to replace the battery. Again no word. We were told we could pick up the car. We said we would pick it up Saturday so we would have a test drive. Saturday morning after my husband and son left to pick up the vehicle they called to say that the car would not start even with new battery. The owner said and I quote “We fixed what we were contracted to fix” and then hung up on me. Now they are pushing for me to remove the car from their property. I have called my credit card company. They couldn’t help with the $1700 bill to the VW dealer. However, they might be able to help with this one since they cannot prove the transmission works because the car will not run. From a mere 21 point inspection to a total demise of a car — what a rip off not by one but by 2 unscrpulous businesses — no car and $4,600 in the hole to boot! I am so glad for your site. I wish more people would know about it — to help warn the unsuspecting and the honest folks in this world.

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