AAMCO Transmissions Collins Transmission Specialist

AAMCO Transmissions Collins Transmission Specialist

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Published: 18 March 2021

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Prior to February 28, 2001 we called to find out the cost of inspecting a clutch. We told them the vehicle was a 1991 Isuzu Impulse RS Turbo AWD 4 Wheel drive. We were quoted a price of $125.00. We told them the clutch was installed by another certified mechanic and we wanted to confirm that it was done properly. We called several times to confirm this price and tell them the model of the car, so they would be sure of what they would be working on. On March 01,2001. Me and my girlfriend brought the vehicle in for repair, and released it to Mark Collins. After approximately an hour, M. Collins called my cellular to advised they did not realize the car was a 4 wheel drive and he would need $300.00 more dollars to complete the job. He was informed the car was registered to my girlfriend and he he would have to take it up with her. She told him they knew what they were working on and they would be held to the quote. After the transmission was taken apart, we were advised it was due to failure of the clutch plate(AutoZone Replaced The Clutch Plate Without Question) and not the mechanic who installed it.. Mark Collins told us he could get us a new clutch plate from O’Reilly’s at $120.00 and have it delivered by 1300 hours on 03/01/2001. The next morning when my girlfriend went into the AAMCO to pay for the clutch, Mark Collins said it was $198.00 – NOT $120.00. He then told her he needed $200 more to complete the job. She then called me and I told him, “We’re paying what we were quoted.”. My girlfriend went to AutoZone and picked up another clutch assembly and brought it to AAMCO for installation. He said he would call when the job was complete. We picked our car up at 1700 hours on 03/11/2001. The first thing I noticed about the car was a severe lack of power. The car was driven one week and something to do with the drive-train malfunctioned. At this present time we do not know what this problem is. Nor will AAMCO check this out to see if it is their fault. I have climbed under the vehicle to see if something has came loose. From what I can see there are loose, leaking fittings and Rack And Pinion Boots not installed properly. The transmission and transfer case are covered in a thick oily substance that it’s viscosity resembles that of gear oil. I have sent pictures to corporate and had good communication, but nothing has been accomplished. We have tried to speak to Mark Collins, but he will only talk through Eric(his manager). Mark Collins said if we want anything done we’ll have to sue him. Well, our vehicle is still at the other transmission shop. Even though I was told a decision would be made by 12:00 PM EST. It appears now that it takes “TECHS” 24 hours to read a one page report. Here’s The Shop Report: Transmission Leaks – Needs Immediate Attention CV Boots – Needs Immediate Attention Other – Drive Shaft Not Attached At Trans. Customer Request – Inspected For transmission only Excessive Oil And Transmission Fluid Leakage At Axel Seals Both Right And Left Outer CV Boots Torn And Dry No External Bolts Missing From Trans. Case * Bolts Missing From Drive Shaft Yoke – ( None Present) Today we finally heard back from Steve Battle. He said he cannot see where AAMCO would be at fault. He said AAMCO will NOT fix our car. This is why I tell you that you would be an to bring your car to AAMCO. I think you should call the Baytown location and tell Mark Collins what a low down scumbag he is. The number is:281-424-4950 / his Cell Phone Number Is 281-435-0450. I guess we’re stuck with a broken down car. You can also call STEVE BATTLE and SHAW SHAW JONES at (888)346-3226 For SHAW SHAW JONES @ EXT. 308 AND STEVE BATTLE @ EXT. 302 He sued us on August 10, 2001 for allegedly violating the Anti-Cybersquatting And Piracy Act for purchasing his web-site and telling our story. PLEASE HELP ME GET MY CAR FIXED OR MONEY BACK!!! Click here to see many other Ripoff Scamss on AAmco Transmissions

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