AAmco Transmissions Gary Leibovitz, Eddie, James, Head Office Angel

AAmco Transmissions Gary Leibovitz, Eddie, James, Head Office Angel

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Published: 15 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In August of 2000 I had a rebuilt transmission put in my 1994 Chrysler Concorde on August the 8th.In the city of Oshawa, my car failed me on the local highway. On August the 18th. I took it back to my local service Centre in Mississauga Ontario.At this time I reported to them in writing that the transmission indicators were not working and also that the tramission was slow going into reverse. After three attempts on three different days to fix this problem they told me that they did not know what was wrong. I continued to live with this till October of 2001. At this time I took it back again and they diagnosed a pinder switch. I told them that they had already replaced this item and it still did not work. They suggested that I allow them to take the car to a dealership and have them diagnose the problem. I told them OK but I would only pay for one hour labour on this item. At this time they put me in a rental car tellling me that the insurance would pay for it but this like my car being fixed did not happen. At the dealership they found the ATM to be defective. I have already replaced this in their Oshawa shop. At this time I told them that since I have had the car in thier shop at least three times since then for the same problems that it should be their problem since they misdiagnosed the problem right from the start. They came back from the dealership and wanted two and one half hours pay for the diagnostic services. This I would not pay. They wanted me to pay for the part and I disagreed with them on this as well. They were the ones who could not find the problem. At this time they put me in between an argument between the two shops over who was at fault. This went on for 3 days while they had my car. On Friday I went to pick it up only to find it locked up and again locked behind closed doors with the keys again stashed away. They at this time told me that the insurance would not pay for the car rental since it was not an internal problem. This insurance as they call it cost me $700.00. They insisted thay I pay for the car rental, after an arguemt they agreed to me only paying one day. They were the ones who put me in the car after stating it was covered by insurance, another misdiagnose. At the desk back at the AAMCO centre they refused to give me my car until I paid them $312.00 for the ATM. In order to get my car back out from behind locked doors this is what I was held hostage to. The Mississauga shop has been held up constantly by the Oshawa shops refusal to pay for any parts. Again using the customer poorly. At one time I was left on hold by the Owner of the Oshawa store Gary Leibovitz for 15 min. only to hang up and I recalled the store and at this time I was told by Eddie the shop manager that he did not care what Head Office said He ran the shop not customer service from Pennslyvania. More customer service. I was in contact with the group from Penn. often but the usual answer was we are trying to see what we can do……..Most calls were not returned. I am writing this missive after being promised a return call from ANGEL from head office yesterday only to not recieve it. The Mississauga store manager James put me into the car saying the insurance would pay for it when they refused the owner(Brian) said that he did not care what his manager stated at the time he would not pay for the rental…..more great client relationship. This whole incident left me feeling that I had been held hostage by the whole of AAMCO. Thanks Ernie

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