AAMCO Transmissions - Owner Jim Dunlap

AAMCO Transmissions - Owner Jim Dunlap

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Published: 30 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

If possible, please add the following to your web-site. Additionally, when does something like this become a Class Action Lawsuit and request full refunds for services. Our 2001 Ford Explorer XLT was first serviced by the AAMCO shop located on 4117 Portsmouth, Blvd. in Portsmouth, VA 23701 back in April of this year (2007). The car has been to the same shop counting today 4 times for what appears to be an “unknown problem.” We were charged $2,112.00 for a transmission – rebuilt, which was never taken care of. We believe the same transmission was remounted after keeping the car for almost 1 month the first time we seeked the services. The vehicle went back in last week after my son broke down and had to have the vehicle towed to this place (warranty for 1 year). To top all matters, my son started calling for information on the vehicle this week, and yesterday (Sept. 19, 2007) was told by the ‘manager Tom’ that the technician to bring the car down from the lift had gone home and that the vehicle will be ready for pick up today (Sept. 20, 2007). Again, my son called at approximately noon today, and was told that the vehicle would be ready by the end of business today. Well, when I called, I was told that ‘they’ had found an ‘electrical problem’ now and that the car could possibly be done tomorrow now (Sept. 21, 07). I challenged ‘Tom’ the manager by stating that I was not happy to deal with a liar and requested an update from the technician and in addition requested information on how to get in touch with the owner ‘Jim Dunlop.’ Tom the ‘manager’ spoke over me the whole entire time and told me that ‘he did not know how to get in touch with his boss’ ..what he was saying over my voice during our conversation was just as follows: ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’..(like chanting), what ever, what ever, what ever, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’ As you can see, we are not dealing with professionals, but flat out unprofessional liars who can take the money fast, and not provide the services as promised. The car has returned to this shop 4 times since April, and has been in this shop longer that it has been driven by my son. I may add that at once my son was considering selling the vehicle, and it appears that this ‘Tom’ or ‘Jim’, may have caught on to the fact that we are desperate and probably eager to get read of the car; they will probably jump on it to buy quickly and re-sell for a good profit. Sounds like They are THIEFS to me! Last of all regarding this sad story, for all of the times this vehicle has been in this particular shop, never once a rental car was offered for our troubles; the entire family works and relies on the vehicles. However, one question remains, we are talking about transmission, where is now this electrical problem coming from? Additionally, the car has been damaged, a large dent on the passengers side (hood area), which we have no proof of when it was done, and was not caught until the next day in our driveway after we picked up the vehicle for the 3rd time last month in the July-August period. We want HONEST answers on what it is wrong with this vehicle, and why this expensive rebuilt transmission has never worked since April 2007. Additionally, how about a full refund so that we can take the care elsewhere for repairs! Please post this and I will send the same e-mail to Customer Relations for AAMCO (have left messages for them already but have not heard back yet), even though I am starting to believe it is all the same band of thieves! Thank you for your attention Rita Portsmouth, VirginiaU.S.A.

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