AAMCO Transmissions San Antionio, Texas

AAMCO Transmissions San Antionio, Texas

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Published: 13 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

April 29,2017 Took my 2000 Dodge Durango to the Cox Clan AAMCO Transmissions because to my knowledge the governor sensor and solenoids were not working right. The truck would run great but at times heat up and not change gears. The manager at that time(Nick) who was not certified to be a machanic called me and told me that my trans mission was going out, falling apart, and not in driving condition. I let him know that I had my brother in law check it and it was the govenor sensors switch and soleniods. He said no take it from “US” the transmission specialist that my Durango wasn’t in any condition to drive. I told him that wasn’t right he said he could do further testing. Not telling me that what ever TESTING meant taking my transmission apart. He called me back the next day and told me the machanic found wornout gears and metal in my pan. I didn’t agree with him and told him I needed a second opinion just to give me the truck back. Nick replied saying that it was going to cost me $1,300 for the work they put in and that’s including putting the transmission back in. Again I didn’t agree and told him I didnt give him permission to take it out in the first place. I told him to put everything in a box that I would pay for all the work they had done til that point. He said it would cost $895 then to take it out. I told him i didnt have that type of money. He said he could help me with GE financing or In house financing just to get the transmision done there. So i tried the GE money I didn’t qualified, I tried In-house financing again I didn’t get it. While all that was happening they were working on my truck so i was already committed. Then Nick told me he could also get me a title loan for the amount of $1,800 and the rest would come out of my pocket. I had no other choice then to take it or have a machanics lean put on my truck. Getting the loan took longer to get then it took to work on my truck. I got aprroved for $1,500 and the rest came out of my pocket that ended up being $886 plus the intrest of the loan ended up costing me almost $3,500. After I payed the $886 out of my pocket I got the truck back and a day later my transmission was acting up the way it did before I took it to them. Again Nick said it’s covered under the warranty so bring it in and we will take care of it. Which they did and I thought they were going to take care of it. They kept my truck for four days and called me saying they couldn’t find anything wrong whith it. To me calling in me a lier in a cowards sord of way. I took it back and it actually did work AGAIN for a while. June 10,2017 So again same things happened over heating, trans temp light coming on and the worsdt thing they gears wern’t changing. Again I took it in this time talking to a hole new manager (David). Told me to bring it in and the Specialist will take care of it. Please they kept if for tree or four days then I called asking them if they found anything wrong and (David) said ya we’re working on it as we speak not knowing I was passing by looking for my truck in the garage. I told him that I just finised passing by and I didn’t see my truck in the pit so I went to go pick it up becuase they wern’t takeing me seriously. When I went to go pick my truck up they gave me a big sorry about the reason they didn’t work on it is becuase the truck never started. Which I told them they were running my battery out by not turning the truck off right. Leaving the ignition slightly on by leaving the key in it. so I took the truck back got a new battery and it turned on right but still giving me the same problems as before. June 14,2017 Again, again, again same ol things not changing gears, tran temp light coming on, over heating!!!!!! What else can they come up with now not to take care of my truck. To this point still keeping my cool I spoke to both (Nick,and David) telling them the same things as before. They took it in and took care of the problem. So I thought !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 11,2017 Took it in for the same things again Trans temp light coming on over heating and the time not changing gears when I was driving past 65 m.p.h. They took it in this time my wife took the truck back in becuase I’ve missed to much work just taking the truck in and out in and out. I was just sick and tired of it. This time 2 other new managers talked with my wife. There names were (Robert and Norma) they took it in giving here a story about the belt before they even drove my truck. Any ways I got it back that same night and when I started driving the truck I started hearing a clinck clank pink. I called told them I was taking it back in turned around because I was a block away and talked to (Norma) and the machanic that took a look at it. He got in the truck never told me in his whole explanation about the belt. Telling me he could do anything because the builder wasn’t in that day. We drove back to the shop he checked it out and found that I was missing a the resister for my which still had a screw but no wheel. I called Robert that next morning and he kept argueing with me about they are not going to fix something they didn’t do. I kept asking him for his bosses number and he kept telling me that his boss won’t give me the time or day. Telling me that this that and what ever he was saying. I asked him I needed to speak to someone higher then him he told me that he is the higher power. He finally told me he was the District manager so I asked him are u certified to tell me what was going on just in this case and got mad because I asked him for his certification. Getting fed up I told him I was walking to the Aamco shop so I could speak to him then turned around putting his machanic down saying His own machanic didn’t know what he was talking about. Then gave me the 1-800 number for there Customer Service which I called left a message and them calling me back asking questions. Got some info from me telling me they were going to call that AAMCO shop and they call me back in 20 mins. But still I wait for their call lets see how long that takes. If the customer service agent is like them I should except them not takeing care of any problems. Right now Im also waiting for my truck to get fixed by another company because Robert turned around and told me if I wanted the trucks belt and resister fixed he would charge me $276. Man some one needs to put a STOP to this thieving company.

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