AAmco, Waters Transmissions

AAmco, Waters Transmissions

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Published: 29 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In late June I had my car towed to Aamco transmissions from another transmission shop in town. They refused to work on it because it was a foreign transmission. (1996 geo tracker) I called and spoke with Gary and he said they would fix it. It was the week before the 4th of July and I was going out of town. I told Gary he could keep it until I return so he wouldn’t fel rushed. Gary said he would call me on the 6th. On July 8th, I called him and he still hadn’t looked at the car. Two days later he called and said that the transmission had to be rebuilt and the cost would be $1175… I asked how long that would take. Gary told me a day and a half MAX. Well, 6 weeks and 15 phone calls later the car was finally finished. $1991 was charged to my credit card, more than $800 more than I was quoted and the car still runs horribly. It is constantly pulling and you can feel the transmission slipping. I refuse to take the car back for fear they will damage it further or keep it even longer. I spoke with a co-worker of mine, and he had the same problem as my tracker. It would only drive in reverse. He said that a mount was missing and it cost him about $50 to have fixed. I am now wondering if I was infact scammed. Nonetheless, Aamco had my car for more than 7 weeks and I was forced to pay for a rental car.. (nearly $2000). I filed a claim with Randall county and I am waiting a court date in Small Claims Court. I also notified my bank and they stopped payment on the credit card for any amount over $1175. Now that they have been served court papers they want to try and make me happy. Both Tyson and Gary are calling non-stop saying they will fix any problem with the transmission and that they will tryt and help me with SOME of the costs of the rental car. I am not trusting them again, and I want the full cost of the rental car back. Rippedoffinamarillo Amarillo, TexasU.S.A.

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