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Published: 14 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

At 10 am we brought our car to get the drivers side axel repaired and stressed the fact that the job had to be complete by 2 pm and they agreed. Aamco refused to work on it without running a $40 diagnostic test that would tell all current issues with the vehicle. After they ran the test they said the initial test didn’t provide enough information and that they would have to run further tests taking 2 hours or more at $85 an hour. After refusing they made us sit for 2 hours just to tell us what was wrong. They said the passenger side axel and front end bearings needed to be replaced and it would take 15 minutes to receive the parts and 1 hours to complete the job by 1:45 pm costing around $350. After 2 hours we were still sitting there waiting for the parts and no work was yet performed. We requested to see where the axel was broken; the mechanic hesitated to show us. Finally, he let us in to look at the broken part and could not seem to find where it was broken, but insisted it was and needed to be replaced. The mechanic mentioned that they still did not have the parts at 3pm. At this time we became concerned and requested the cost and amount of time it would take, this was when they increased the amount of labor and repair to around $650. The change in price, time wasted and rude assertiveness made us hesitant to proceed. This was when we requested that our car be put back together and we would get our repairs elsewhere since we were hours beyond our expected time. This angered the mechanics, so we tried to keep an eye on the car, but it was in a bay at the far end where we could not see what was being done. It took them 2 more hours to get the car out of the shop. We were then required to pay the $40 fee for the original diagnostic because we did not proceed with any repairs. On the ride home less than a block away we noticed the car was making a strange noise that we had not previously heard. It was raining we had our child in the car and we were in a hurry to get to work; therefore, we decided to keep driving. Upon arriving at our destination we noticed that our driver side tire was loosing air. We were surprised because we recently purchased them and had not previously experienced any problems until then. The next morning when we tried to change the tire ourselves we noticed the lugnuts were over-tightened and that it would be impossible to remove on our own. We called Tripple A for help and they also couldn’t remove the lugnuts. Tripple A then filled the tire with air and advised that we bring it to a shop immediately in order to remove the lugnuts and replace the tire. We drove a mile down the road to the repair shop and dropped off the car. The next day when we returned to pick up the car he stressed the fact that it took three men and a special crowbar to remove the lugnuts and claimed, it appeared to be intentionally over tightened and that the tire was not properly placed on the rim. This was the reason for the damage to the tire. He also explained that the repairs previously advised by Aamco were incorrect. The bearing were fine and the axel they wanted to repair was in mint condition, however the driver side axel did need the repair, the shops total repair cost was $250. The exhaust was also making a strange noise and he advised we bring it back when we had the time for him to look at it. At this point we realized that Aamco had intentionally put us in great danger that day, there were three of us including a 2 year old in the car driving in an unsafe vehicle. Since then we have feared driving the vehicle because they did and may have done more damage than we are aware of. The next morning I tried to call them about these matters and they mocked me and asked if we needed a new tire while laughing, he denied tampering with our vehicle and said he could not help us further. John Lowell, MassachusettsU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Aamco Transmissions

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