Aaron Daluiski, MD

Dr. Aaron is a crook!

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Carl

Dr. Aaron was handling my case when I was admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He is rude, arrogant and greedy. I had a fracture on my elbow and so he was the one handling my case. I realized he was bad news as soon as I saw him. He was talking to me as if I had deliberately broken my elbow. He was making weird comments and most of the time he was just hitting on the nurses and making dirty comments. You can clearly see the level of discomfort and disgust on the faces of the nurses. He was handling my injury like it was nothing. I must’ve shrieked in pain 3-4 times when he did my first checkup. He was all ‘Does it hurt? Does it hurt more?’ and I was like “Yes, just please stop”. He wouldn’t listen to me too. He’d ask me a question and then without even listening to my answer, he’d start talking to the nurses or interrupt me. Whenever I talked to him, it was a terrible experience.

Not only that, he made a humongous bill for me to pay. I only got a cast on my elbow but he’d make me visit the place every 4 days. I remember it because it had become a habit for me to go to his place. He’d change his prescription on every visit too. I got treated, no doubt but it wasn’t worth it all. I only had a broken elbow but I paid over $10000 to the guy for it. That’s a lot of money for a broken elbow. Dr. Aaron is a scammer. He doesn’t have the knowledge to be a proper orthopedic. I regret my decision of trusting this guy. I should’ve gone someplace else. I had to wear that cast for months. When I discussed my case with my physician, he was surprised to know that I was still wearing that cast. Not only that, after keeping my arm hung in the air for weeks, Dr. Aaron told me that I needed to undergo an open surgery for its treatment. That’s when I realized he was lying. If I really needed surgery, he wouldn’t have waited for months. He was just trying very hard to squeeze every penny out of me. I didn’t allow him to do any surgery. I just left the place with my arm in a cast. I went to my physician then who did some tests on me and told me that I didn’t need any surgery. He doesn’t want the best for the patients, no, he is just looking for different ways to steal money from them. If I hadn’t denied the surgery, I don’t know how humongous my hospital bill would’ve become. I’m glad that I didn’t fall for his trap. If you or any friend of yours ever require an orthopedic, then avoid this guy. He will make your life miserable and steal money from you. We both know you wouldn’t want that.

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