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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When I had agreed t rent-to-buy a laptop computer from your Franklin Indian location, I was under the influence that if anything was to happen, it would either be replaced or fixed without penalties. There was to be full insurance on the agreement (Lie #1). Well, I was lied to. Not just once, but many times. The agreement was signed after the beginning of January, I think somewhere around the 5th or 6th. Then the payments were agreed upon the 1st of the month with a 7 day grace, no problem, so I thought. We had a small accident with the device in February, and had to take it in for repairs or replacement. We were promised things would be taken care of and the people gave us a loaner to use. Come March, we received a call saying that it was fixed but the agreement would not cover the damage (Lie #2, refer to Lie #1). I was fine with having to pay a few extra bucks on the agreement for the repairs. When my wife and went to retrieve it, we discovered that it wasnu2019t fixed yet (Lie #3). They wanted our consent to make the repairs (Lie #4, consent was given at the time we gave it to them to fix). Then, we got another call in April, saying it was done and ready for us to pick up (Lie #5). Since my schedule was so chaotic, it was late April when we could pick it up. We went to exchange the loaner for our repaired unit and was told (Lie #6, refer to Lie #3&4) that they need our consent and it was sitting in the back of the store warehouse the whole time in bubble wrap, not fixed. On July 3, 2014, my wife and I went back to the store to find out information and a person brought it out, still in bubble wrap, not fixed. I was told that the repair shop was waiting for parts(Lie #7, the repair shop was never given the device). I set the loaner on the counter and said u201cIu2019m done; we are threw with the lies. Cancel the agreementu201d and walked out. I was angry, but did not let it show. After looking at all the paperwork, I discovered that your company charges 90% interest rate. Other places only charges between 5% and 10%, or none at all. I would not have minded so much about the OUTRAGEOUSLY high interest rate, but all the constant LIES and hounding me for payments 1 or 2 days past the first of the month was simply over the top. Regular people do not get paid the first of every month and most companies know this to be true. That is why they are flexible with billing. This is the first, only, and last time I ever do business with you CROOKS!

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