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Not a warm and friendly practice at all!

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I found the practice behind on appointments and had to wait for two hours to confirm my appointment.

A cleaning of cavities and the routine check was most painful and unpleasant at Abadin Dental. I felt every touch on my teeth and gums.

The hygienist was not friendly to patients and lacked the skills of patient care.

The personnel was not full of smiles.

I did not know what to expect from Abadin Dental.

The atmosphere is not welcoming to patients, and I felt that when I entered the dental room.

It was uncomfortable and cold to have the procedure.

No details were explained to me about dental procedures. The staff was too concerned about other chats than to show customer care to patients.

The dental facility is not clean, and the staff members are not professionals as they claim to be.

My bad experience did not encourage me to go back for dental treatment at Abadin Dental.

The procedure was not painless. It was more painful and uncomfortable than a simple clean and routine exam. My gums were red and swollen.

I am not happy with the poor treatment I received from Abadin Dental. Patients lack care and customer’s service from Abadin Dental.

The doctor and staff are less qualified for their jobs. At Abadin Dental, I did not get the best treatment and had no one to explain information in detail.

Information about dental care and brace fit, about daily cleaning and brushing and of the best way to prevent cavities from worsening are useful for patient care. I did not get to know more from Abadin Dental.

The dental staff at the practice are not pleasant and friendly to assist in any procedures. I noticed the doctor is alone to perform procedures and staff are not kind and thorough at dental care treatment.

I do not recommend Abadin Dental for the lack of quality, bad customer’s service, lack of knowledge in the dentist field, a lack of professionalism and for not making my visit a pleasant one at Abadin Dental.

The whole time I was there I had a headache and gums were swollen. A bad experience at the dentist does not disappear.

I did not get a good price for my dental care. I research dentists nearby before I choose the best one. In this case, I chose anyone that came to mind.

My experience was most unpleasant and the high price I paid did not solve the problem.

A no recommendation on Abadin Dental. It is not fair to recommend a practice of poor quality and lack of customer’s service to other dental patients.

I don’t feel satisfied with the dental work from Abadin Dental.

No staff member has explained about dental and oral care.

Abadin Dental did not provide the quality I deserved from the practice.

The place is not busy and lacking the best customer’s service. Patients at Abadin Dentalcare do not come first for the practice.

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