Abby Goodman

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Abby Goodman from Long Beach from California

Abby Goodman from Long Beach from California started to sleep with my husband. My husband’s age is 22 years. This lady used to be my husband’s subordinated in the department of Information Technology at Molina Healthcare in Long Beach, California. Both of them, i.e. my husband and this lady should be fired from the company as they went against the policies of the company. However, the truth and the real report can be explained here. Apparently, this lady did not have any reservations but she came up between and married man and a woman. We have two children as well. Abby Goodman and my husband are still living together. She has been moving to some different department as it is convenient for her. It is located somewhere in Molina. I had to leave my home along with my two kids. Our house did not have any value in the new life plan of my husband. I am almost sure that this lady would soon ditch my husband as well and then she will look for some other man. People should be literally aware of this woman; she can be a source of discomfort for you.

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