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Published: 16 March 2019

Posted by: Carlotta Crosby

[Available (video enabled)] Carlotta Crosby show details 12:04 PM (31 minutes ago) My husband and I tried to cancel our Retro Fitness automatic bill withdraw for over 6 months. We live out of state to where the Fitness Center is. At first we called to cancel our membership & the automatic deductions that ABC Financial / Retro Fitness was taking out of our account. We were told that we could not cancel by phone but we had to either travel to the original state & the original Retro Fitness we signed up at or send a letter by mail… We did not understand this? Because no one has the right to continue to bill your account after you have specifically expressed for them not to & that you no longer wish to continue your service with them. So we traveled down to the original state my husband signed up for his membership at with ABC Financial / Retro Fitness- Both my husband & myself went into the facility & said we would like to cancel our membership & the automatic deductions to our account, that have been taking place for over a year with minimal & in the last 8 months…no use on our account in even entering a Retro Fitness facility. We were then told: “We cannot cancel your membership here, you have to call ABC Financial”…I then began to seriously address the “manager” …or the guy who told me he was the manager at the time. That Retro Fitness has no right to continue to withdraw funds from our account without our permission. This must stop we are telling Retro Fitness we do not want a membership here & please discontinue withdraws to our account. TO NO AVAIL…They told us that we did not sign a contract with Retro Fitness but with ABC Financial, & they are no longer in control of it now, because ABC handles the collections past due, so we have to cancel with ABC. They clerk knowing that our collections would not have been passed due had we been able to cancel our membership prior that we tried to via the phone & in person at another location. I asked the clerk to show me where on the contract that my husband originally signed does it say, that ABC Financial / Retro Fitness has the right to keep billing you & to so much as withdraw money out of your account after you have asked them to stop…several times I might add, because originally we went into one location in our area, but they told us we could not do it there either. The clerk could not show us where it said this, the only thing he could show us was an expressed sentence on the contract that said give up to 2 weeks for the account to be completely cancelled & closed upon your expressing the desire to no longer do business with ABC Financial / Retro Fitness. And even to ABC Financial / Retro Fitness”s POSSIBLE credit, the contract also DID NOT SAY if your account is 2 months past due…( I MIGHT ADD BECAUSE WE REFUSED TO PAY FOR A SERVICE WE HAD OPENLY EXPRESSED NOT WANTING SEVERAL TIMES) …that you can only cancel in one specific type of way. If the contract had said that, I would have been more than happy to adjust actions accordingly. The clerk simply stumbled over his words, as I let him know it is illegal to continue to charge my account after I have openly & writtenly expressed that I no longer wish to do business with your company. He claimed we have nothing to do with it, it”s all ABC Financial. My husband asked the gentleman for a cancellation form anyway to fill out & have as our own copy so that if we ever have to take ABC Financial / Retro Fitness to court, we have a signed written copy that we…whether they chose to honor this or not did sign a cancellation notice.

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